Monthly Archives: May 2020

Final fencing day.

All planned for an early start and I’m generally up and ready to go at silly o’clock. However this morning was a struggle. I think the heat and the previous days project took it out of me. So instead of rushing around I took a gentle walk with Suzy as it was nice and cool then carefully unwound the netting from the fruit cage so that we could get to the fencing behind the raspberries today. But first second coat of the last panel of trellis, who put trellis in the garden I ask myself yet again?

Bev arrived and we cracked on. Sadly we hadn’t got the mix right on the concrete yesterday so it had to be removed and replaced. Dads shed hoover came in very handy to suck it all out of the waterfall before we started again. Today’s attempt seem to go better and is setting. We even got as far as laying in the liner to work out the final details. But I’d got to the point my brain was fried and I just couldn’t think. So we decided to leave it for today and I’d go back to it tomorrow afternoon.

Getting there.

Fencing continued but in this heat it was hard going. The end result though was worth it. It looks so much fresher and the colour is great.

I seem to be wearing the fence paint too.

The shower took a while as every time I thought I’d got all the paint off me I found some more. In fact I’ve had my shower and I’m still finding it 😂

The garden has rewarded me well tonight as I harvested my first radish’s. They are crunchy and fresh tasting. Nothing like you buy from the shops.

The first strawberries will also be harvested tomorrow. I think it will be a steady crop to start then bang, strawberry jam making time.

Digitalis candy mountain. Rich and I bought this at the garden show last year x

That’s it for today. I’m out of energy but it’s been worth it. Very productive again and great looking results. Tomorrow some down time before getting back to some form filling, followed by some more work on the waterfall. Hopefully soon I will get to plant lots of the newly grown plants on the border. Night all. X