Monthly Archives: May 2020

Retail therapy, the garden centre kind……

So a planned rest today. I took Suzy on an early walk ready to meet Bev at the garden centre before it got busy. We both had a list of things we needed. Not much but it was so nice to get out and have a look round again.

We only had to wait a short time in the queue and we were in and off. What to look at first. All the bright colours and shapes. So pretty. Bev wanted a bamboo but they didn’t have the one she was looking for. So in to the seeds. I’d planted spring onions but the darn foxes dig them all up this week and kindly left the soil all over the path for me. Also my mixed colour beetroots aren’t showing much sign of life so I wanted to get some good old fashioned red ones. The third choice was some long radish. Radish are so quick and easy to grow and our first crop are delicious so it’s time to grow a new variety to me. The beauty of radish is they are so easy and you can companion plant them with other crops. Some of mine are in with my cherry tomato hanging baskets.

Bev then treated me to a decent pair of secateurs for my birthday next month. I did a trial prune tonight and they work a treat. Thank you Bev x

We happened to stray upon the water features and Bev chose herself a new one for her garden. She spent later in the afternoon rearranging her plants and pots and I think you’ll agree she has done a great job.

Almost complete.

After a bit more wandering and picking the pots we had come for we headed to the tills. We must resist and put our blinkers on as we past anything else.

Once home and refuelled after lunch I did a little repotting in the garden. The lavender Bev bought me last week was a bit too snug in the pot I put it in. So it now has a nice new one to match the Maple pot.

A bit more tidying of the garden and another go at arranging the rocks on the waterfall. The waterfall is definitely a pain job but we are nearly there. I think the beginning of the rock layout is looking so much better.

That’s all I have energy for today as I also managed a few hours of paperwork and that’s so draining. But it is relaxing to have a trip around the garden and explore what is springing into life. The first Iris in the pond today opened up and looks dazzling. Have a good evening. X

The first crop of home grown strawberries.