Monthly Archives: May 2020

Waterfall day part? How many days have we been working on this?

Another day, another amount of time spent perfecting the waterfall. Today the plan is to seal in the top part of the liner, concrete in the stone for the water to pour over and get most rocks back surrounding it in position.

Did it go to plan? Well I guess Sunday or Monday we will find out when the concrete is dry and we can turn the water back on. For now it looks like this.

No rain predicted today but it rained anyway.

Thank you to Bev, Dean and Ian for your advice, help and support with this. I’m certainly learning lots of new skills at the moment.

Bev and I needed a few bits so we tidied up and headed over to different garden centre. There was a small queue but it moved quickly. We were given very friendly advice on distancing and the likes before being let in. I have to say even though they were low on stock it was very well organised.

Bev and I went out separate ways and I returned to the garden to start some of the exciting bits. Planting my new plants that I have been nurturing from seed or plug plants. I tackled the pots first. Some needed swapping around and some needed new soil. But despite the rain they are a bit closer to being completed now today.

Upright begonias.
Red dianthus.
Dahlia in bud.

I also managed to plant a few plants in the new border. Echinacea’s and a Geum with it’s hot striking red flowers.

Whilst pottering, I had a text to say my Perscription is ready at Bluewater. I thought it was a good time to stop gardening as otherwise I’d be out there all night. I jumped in the car and headed for the car park. Now Bluewater on a Saturday afternoon is generally heaving but currently there are only three shops open, Boots, Holland and Barrett as far Marks and Spencer’s for food. The mall was like a scene out of a movie. You know when there is that deadly silence and the streets are empty.

One way directional signage.
Never have I seen it like this before.

There were some security staff positioned inside reminding customers to walk on the left and follow the arrows. I guess they are preparing for when they can open more. Even still, it’s very odd!

With everything purchased that I needed it was time to head home. It’s an odd weather day as the sun is shining but the wind is being a little tough. Tonight Ben and I had decided it was pizza night. So with our shop bought pizza and film on netflicks we settled down. It’s usually me who falls asleep during a film at home but surprisingly it was the other way round tonight.

Tomorrow will be week two of the sunflower diaries as an added blog bonus. But for now. Night night.

The first of the orange blossom.