Sunflower special edition, update 2…..

Good evening and welcome to Sunday sunflower update part 2. Last week we were introduced to the sunflower family. All the sunflowers have had a busy week. Some have moved home and most have had to withstand strong winds.

Craig and Sam’s week – you may remember that Sam and Craig live by the sea. They have had strong winds this week and baking sun. The sunflowers are looking good despite this and they have moved from the cosy house to the breezy hot garden. There was a bit of a close shave when the plants started to bow their heads but after a quick drink they were standing to attention once again.

Craig and Sam’s sunflowers.

Jan and Lisa – So after a false start from Jan’s first sunflower she is back in the competition with version deux. Being tenderly cared for will it now creep up the support to top flower? Lisa’s is looking like a tough cookie and holding on to that strong stem and dark leaves. Both of their sunflowers are being taken back in at night and in when it’s windy.

Jan’s steadily growing seed.
Wow, looking good there Lisa.

Auntie Jeanie – Sally sunflower had to shelter from the wind in the greenhouse this week as she is feeling a little delicate. She is showing some signs of slight leaf discolouration, has she had to much sun??

Sally sunflower.

Nanny Bev – Has Gerald been behaving himself this week? Well he has had his supporting plants removed from his pot, is this a plan to ensure he gets all the nutrients in the soil?

Gerald looking like he is enjoying the sunshine.

Jo and Ben – Down in Dartford this week we have had some high winds which has meant that SUNY sunflower has been kept in the shed on occasion. But today he is out, free and moved on to be with his fan club. Introducing the sunny eight, the new kids on the block. Let loose from the greenhouse today to be with the big one. How will he get on in his new location and how will he cope with sharing? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

New kids on the block.

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