Monthly Archives: May 2020

Waterfall day gerzilenth……

The day started really nicely. I woke to a well made cup of tea that Ben made me, it was 5.30am but I was awake and it made me smile. At 7.30 we were both dressed and ready to take Suzy out before it got too warm. We had a lovely walk, not many people around and one very happy puppy dancing through the long grass. We had quite a few giggles.

Ben makes me feel so short and I’m really not. 😂
Wild roses in the country park.

We got back to a cuppa and breakfast on the patio. It’s a glorious sunny day.

Now to the waterfall. Has the concrete set, has it worked? Well the good news is that the original leak had been fixed. The bad news is that the water runs below the rock. The concrete hasn’t sealed it. Deep breath count to ten.

This isn’t meant to be happening

Of course, mummy’s little helper is alway on hand.

Almost but not quite.

So what to do next. Guess it’s down to Homebase to get some weatherproof sealant. We didn’t have to queue for very long and got what we thought would work. Straight back to get it applied and fingers crossed it drys and does the job. If not, well I have a plan K!

For the remainder of the afternoon I pottered, planted up some more veg seeds. I’m staggering them so they don’t all come at once. Whilst planting, I left the fruit cage door open as I intended to go back in to water the beetroot. As I turned round I saw this little furry face chomping away in something that she was clearly enjoying very much. Boy did I tell her off. Have you guessed what she was chomping? Our delicious strawberries. Such a cheeky dog.

Bev delivered a lovely gift today. She had organised for these to be hand made so that I could hang them in the garden. I hope you agree they are really nice and are now hanging in the tree near the water feature. Thank you Bev x

The rest of the evening was spent with Ben and I enjoying a roast dinner on the patio and sending out messages to many people on dads phone to inform them he is no longer with us. Some of the reply’s back really being a tear to your eye and laughter from the whitty memories they have shared about dad. I find this is quite exhausting so I ventured back to the garden to plant out some of the Cosmos and to spend a little time unwinding whilst watering the plants. But finally I rest to write this blog before I head for bed. Night all x