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Miss Lexy goes on a picnic…..

How exciting. We were off out today. But first a little work on the wild flower meadow. It’s a lovely day, a little cooler with a soft breeze but the sky remains bright. I’d spotted a few dandelions in the meadow so I got my handy tool and removed all that I could find. In their place I popped in some Scabious plants that I had spare along with with some scabious wild seeds. There are a few plants popping up now but it’s a slow process, especially when we haven’t had much rain. I treated the meadow to a good water after and made a start on getting Miss Lexy ready for her outing today.

Miss Lexy has been on charge over lockdown and with her solar panels her batteries have been topped up nicely. Fridge on ready for today’s picnic supplies and toilet checked. We had a feeling that public toilets wouldn’t be open at the park and we were right. Always good to have a back up.

Once we were loaded and Ben was awake and out of bed we got ourselves ready for the off with Suzy in tow. How exciting. This was a real treat.

Ben and I had arranged to meet Sam and Ryan with the dogs at Camer country park. It’s not to far from home and I knew it didn’t have a height barrier so all good for Miss Lexy.

It’s very strange meeting up with friends now as you still have to social distance. But in a big open country park with our own picnics and chairs that was easy to do.

A very excited Ben and Suzy.
Keeping our distance.

We picked a spot in the shade for our 2 meter picnic, but do you know what? It was ok. We could see and hear each other and that was perfect. The cafe was even open and managing to serve safely but we had everything we needed. Even a nice cup of tea courtesy of Lexy.

Ben and Ryan even managed a social distance kick about.

After a relaxing few hours we headed home, unloaded Lexy

The day was ended with watering the garden and ensure everything is growing ok and not being nibbled.

I amazed by how this Allium (Sicilian honey garlic) has changed.

The flowers now seem to be closing, I wonder if they are turning into seed heads.

Dinner tonight was a salad I had seen Jamie Oliver make. You can’t go wrong with a Jamie recipe. A roquefort salad with bacon, homemade croutons, walnuts and French dressing also home made. I added pear, I must say it was the nicest salad I’ve made.

Also exciting tonight was how many strawberries there were to be picked. Bring on strawberries every night and every morning.

So there we have it. A lovely day out. Miss Lexy got a good run and Ben saw sunlight 😂