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A slower paced few days…..

Now that most of the hard work is done I can take the time to potter and enjoy some sewing time.

Friday involved planting a few more plants in, taking Suzy for a short stroll and watching and listening to the air ambulance landing and taking off. It lands on the field just over the road, not on the hospital helipad any more. It’s a great event to watch but it always makes you think what has happened that someone is so poorly to need the air ambulance. I never mind the noise as I know it’s only for a short time and they could be saving someone’s life.

The back view of our house.
Fridays cross stitch.
Radish with the salad tonight.
The first of the delphiniums coming into flower.

This rose was purchased from Hampton court flower show many years ago, it’s older than Ben. This is the best it has ever bloomed

Saturday morning, Suzy and I had a lay in. We didn’t go and get our cup of tea until 6am. When we got downstairs we were met with a note on the floor from Ben.

Wake me up at 11.30 please and please make sure I stay awake! It did make me chuckle.

Although I didn’t need to worry as Ben appeared in the garden at 10.30 and surprised me.

I fell back to sleep and didn’t get up until nearly 9. That is a miracle for me. After this I got up though as I can’t bear to waste my day in bed. Suzy and I had a short stroll then started to do a few bits outside.

The first two cucamelons have been planted in the greenhouse and whilst my neighbour and I had a chat over the fence and a plant swap (I got a couple of pepper plants, fab thank you Karen in exchange for a climber) Suzy decided to have a dip.

It was warming up and most of the jobs that needed doing were in full sun so I decided to start tackling the work bench. Dad would often be squirrelling away here stripping and rewiring panels ect. I know it’s still only been a few weeks but I’ve been in the garden so much to keep me going and help me through this tough time I was sure dad wouldn’t mind me having a little sort out so that I could have a potting bench.

Dad was mid way through renovating this panel so I carefully put everything in a box as it all looks alien to me, so that if need be someone else could continue with it.

An almost clear potting bench.
Cleared and cleaned corridor to the greenhouse.

We often took the Micky out of dad, in his shed with his spider spray and hoover but I have to say it was far easier to hoover than sweep. Dad would have been smiling today watching me do that. Dad could never find a dustpan and brush either and would often return from a shopping trip with a new one. I don’t think I will need to buy any for a while 😂

The garden was a hive of insect activity today. Very hard to photograph them as they are all fast movers. But I did manage to capture these beauty’s this afternoon.

How beautiful.

Ben and I popped out to say hi to Bev and to see how her sunflower is progressing. We enjoyed a cup of tea on the garden before a trip to Homebase to buy some paint for Ben.

Ben rocking lockdown hair.

Once back home we enjoyed a quick dinner then I was back out in the garden feeding the fruit and veg. Whilst doing so I noticed some orange spots on one of the raspberry bushes. After some research it appeared there is a bit of Raspberry rust on one of the plants. So I gave it a quick trim and thinned it out as apparently it can be caused by the plant being to dense not letting enough air flow through. Hopefully I’ve caught it before it reaches the others. Apparently it still fruits ok which is good.

Time to relax and do some more of Suzys sewing. Enjoy the evening everyone.

Tomorrow I shall start with a sunflower blog update for you all.

A self seeded poppy in the front wall.