Sunflower special edition, update 3…..

So it’s all hotting up, quite literally the weather has been gorgeous this week from Gravesend to Poole. Everyone’s sunflowers have had sunshine and a bit of wind. Some have had guests, but more about that soon.

Let’s start with Auntie Jeanie this week- Last week we saw signs of leaf damage on Sally sunflower. They had started to turn brown and crinkled. Has there been any improvements this week. There certainly has. What has Jeanie been doing? Is there a magic potion involved or is it just tomato feed? Mmmm she’s not telling!

Sally sunflower.

Nanny Bev – Gravesend has had lots of sunshine this week. So much so a new sun umbrella has appeared in her garden. However is this to stop Gerald burning under the hot rays or is it so nanny Bev can sit out for longer, shaded from the sun to sing to Gerald? He is looking stronger this week, she is doing something well.

Those leaves are looking very sturdy.

Jo and Ben – Another sunny week in Dartford with SUNY sunflower and the sunny eight. Some pretty strong winds to content with now that they are all out in the open. There no shading from breeze or sun on that fence. Have they all coped with the move? Yes they have. They all seem to be thriving. SUNY is even showing signs of becoming a budding contender🌻

Oooh is this the first in bud??

Craig and Sam – Now we hear that one of these guys has been very sociable this week and invited friends over. Or have they? Was someone or something trying to steel the limelight? Actually it was Sams sunflower being very naughty and inviting Brian over for breakfast. What Sam’s sunflower didn’t realise was that breakfast was the sunflower. Naughty troublesome Brian🐌 Apparently Sam rescued Brian, but did she give him a flying lesson or hint that Craig’s sunflower was just next door?? Will Craig’s flower take the lead next week?

Craig’s on the left, Sam’s on the right, Brian?? Gone🐌🐌

Jan and Lisa – after a false start Jan’s version deux has been making steady progress this week. She is another sneaky one to watch. Is Jan out there tenderly stroking the pot or is she bringing it in to the house every night for safe keeping? Whatever she is doing, it’s working and there has been lots of growth this week. But look at Lisa’s towering ahead? Her flower seems to have kept all its leaves and hang on, is that another budet forming up there?

So there we have it, another week and the gang have all survived despite a few war wounds. Will there be rain this week to quench their thirst or will we see Brian and gang back for lunch at Craig’s diner? Tune in next week.

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