Monthly Archives: Jun 2020

Recycle and Upcycle……..

Busy few days. I’d had an idea for a project so I set the wheels in motion.

The Lilly’s that Rich bought me for valentines have grown so tall they blew over in the wind a few days ago. They needed a deeper heavier pot but it’s also the wrong time to repot them. So I came up with an idea.

We had a wooden pallet hanging around for a year or so. Dad didn’t want to part with it. I’m now so pleased he held on to it. However that wouldn’t be enough so after a plea on the local face book group another pallet was collected. I’d watched a few videos and it didn’t look that difficult to make a wooden planter from the pallets. I could have bought one but they were £70 in the garden centre and the total of this make was £0.

I must admit I had some help and I’m glad as getting the old pallets apart was hard going. They really do build these things to last.

The challenging part was also finding the right tools for the job. Jono was helping me and had to laugh every time he said “we could do with an angle grinder” or “we could do with a jigsaw“ Well guess what dad had them, just where were they? After a short time and asking dad out loud many times we found everything we needed.

A few hours later, the pallets were apart, cut to size and fitted together.

The finished planter.

A great success even if it take two days.

Thursday stared with the weekly shopping being delivered. Always an exciting time. After sorting the shopping it was time to head to the recycling centre. The car had been loaded two days ago from the sort out of the car port and some of the shed. We had so many tins of old paint and cardboard.

I don’t know about you but I find it very therapeutic going to the recycling centre and throwing everything into its relevant areas.

My next job of the day was to investigate the cupboard under the sink in the car port. A few days ago I’d discovered we had been having a mouse visit a cupboard just inside the kitchen. It’s very odd as it’s just the water filter cupboard and there is not any food there. I knew it must be getting in through a hole where the water pipe is run in. But as with most things here not much is quick and easy. I had to empty the cupboard, take out the back, which was not easy and then squirt in at a very odd angle some spray expanding foam. I’m feeling like I’ve had a major workout already today.

Time for a quick change of scenery. I needed to pop to Holland and Barrett at Bluewater. The mall is getting ready to be reopened. The floor has directional stickers and queue markers. Staff are now back in many closed shops busy cleaning, rearranging, repricing and creating new window displays. After all it was March the last time they were open for business, easter time. Evidence of which is still in some of the windows.

On my return home something bright caught my eye. I turned the car around and parked up to get a better look. Breathtaking. A whole field of red poppies.

The purpose of my trip to Bluewater was to purchase some Flaxseeds. I’ve been learning a new way to care for my hair. It’s been frizzy for a while now and I’d seen a lady with gorgeous curls. She shared with me the method she uses and the websites so after some research I decided it was well worth a try. It basically means not using any solvents, silicones or alcohol in the products in your hair.

For three weeks I’ve only used conditioner to wash my hair and natural styling products. I haven’t even used a brush or comb as I can now manage to detangle it using my fingers. The difference is already noticeable. But a home made gel has been highly recommended so today I set about making a batch.

The gel was very easy to make just a bit more tricky to strain out the flaxseeds. Probably as I had heated it for a little to long. But with some perseverance and quite a lot of chuckling to myself, I had a small batch of flaxseed gel which I shall road test tomorrow.

The finished flax seed gel.

But that is not the end of today’s home made or home grown. Well nearly home grown, actually I’ve used products from my neighbours house for this.

Elderflower cordial. Looks easy and as I love it I couldn’t resist giving it a go. So with Ben and step ladder in toe, we popped next door to harvest our elder flowers. After cutting of the majority of the stems I dissolved some sugar, well a lot of sugar in boiling water then stirred in the flowers, lemon slices and zest and citric acid. It’s now cooling and waiting until tomorrow afternoon before I strain and bottle it. Fingers crossed.

Tonight I was also treated to dinner cooked by Ben. He did a great job. Beef tacos. It’s always nice to have a night off.

So there we have my busy few days. Making things from scratch is so rewarding and it makes me smile remembering the things dad taught me over the years. I hope you are all keeping well. It’s now time for me to relax and be able to remember happy times with Rich whilst looking at the Lilly’s Night x x