Beautiful Sunday.

After the previous nights storms had cleared and the ice had melted. The sun shined brightly once again.

Saturday evenings hail storm.

Sadly it had done some damage in the garden. The lettuce have been destroyed, the Begonia leaves shredded in places but on the bright side the grass is growing rapidly in front of our eyes and once again turning a lush green.

Matt and I had planned a gentle geocaching walk for Sunday and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. We met in New Ash green and with Suzy we set off on our three mile wander. It’s the most I’ve managed to walk for quite a while as I have somehow injured my lower back a few months ago, but I’m now receiving treatment as the lockdown rules are slowly lifting. Some of the sights on route were beautiful. New blooms and lush green meadows.

Suzy made friends with a grazing horse.

Matt and I had chatted about the elderflower cordial on route. We discovered a beautiful elderflower tree in the woods so with the handy carrier bag we foraged so that Matt could make his own batch of elderflower cordial.

18 caches later and a mini tree climb, Matt not myself! It was time to head home. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed walking and caching so hopefully now I can slowly build the distance back up.

Before I had set out this morning and had done my usual check of the garden and I am so pleased to share with you that today the first lily flower that Rich bought for valentines as bulbs, has opened. A little in the morning but when I returned from the walk the most gorgeous vanilla coloured trumpet like flower was in full bloom. Stunning. It’s breaks my heart though that Rich isn’t here to see them but he is in my thoughts constantly and helped by the little things like this. He was so thoughtful to purchase bulbs rather than a bunch of flowers to give us joy in months to come. The joy is much needed at this moment.

First thing in the morning.

Also in the greenhouse the first of the cucamelons is flowering with it’s tiny fruit waiting to burst into action. Very exciting and I can’t wait to try these.

I love how the cucumbers in the greenhouse have these fascinating tendrils to hold on to their stick.

As the elderflower cordial was such a success I’d decided to make a batch of rhubarb cordial. I picked a large amount and softened them. They are now being left over night to extract all the juice ready for the next stage tomorrow.

So there we have a relaxing Sunday. One happy, sleepy Suzy from her stroll and I enjoyed some sewing time in the garden listening to the gentle sounds of the water feature.


  • Hi Jo..You are probably aware of it already but check your lilies(under the leaves & flowers) night & morning for the red beetle? I had some lilies when we lived in Pagette Way and I came out one morning and my lilies were stripped bare!!
    Apparently they love a lily and are quite common?
    Hope you are bearing up?
    Love Val

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