Sunflower special edition, update 5…..

So there has been tears of laughter and yelps of joy this week. So much has happened. We have had glorious sunshine, high winds, even hail. Have all the sunflowers flourished? Has anyone been cheating? Let’s find out.

Auntie Jeanie – Its been a windy time in Bexley this week but I’ve been assured it’s the weather, not auntie Jeanie😉 Sally has been ok, she keeps requesting to moved to a different area of the garden as she is worried she will topple over. However despite a little leaf issue she is looking good. Looks like a bud is forming too.

Sally sunflower.

Nanny Bev – Over in Gravesend, despite the high winds and sunshine Gerald is being a little less awkward this week. He asked nicely for a longer support as he was shouting that he had outgrown his and bad weather was on the horizon. Not sure how he could see the horizon as he is not that tall yet!

Craig and Sam – Down by the seaside things are looking a little odd. It’s all to play for between the two as Craig who was the strongest contender, seems like his sunflower is covered in some sort of alien cocoon. Has Sam imported Poole spiders to explore the back garden? At least Brian is still AWOL and Sams flower is putting out some nice petals. But will it be enough?

Jan and Lisa – Now you may want to take a seat for this one and reach for the tissues. But are they for tears of joy or sorrow??

Jans flower is looking great, catching up nicely. Strong leaves and gained in height this week.

Jans sunflower on the left.

Lisa’s flower started off really well this week so well, Lisa went out to brave the world to purchase a new bigger pot. Whilst she was out the wind built up and tragedy stuck! The sunflower was blown over. Not just blown over but beheaded in the action. Yep the wire support cut clean through the stem and chopped it’s head off!! 🤭Lisa is mortified as you may imagine, coming home to this….

No Lisa sunflower. 😢

I will forward the details of the sunflower councillors later in case anyone has been affected by this tragedy. 🌻🌻🌻

Jo and Ben – Sun, rain, wind and hail in Dartford this week. Not just a little hail either. Massive blobs of ice pelting from the sky threatening to damage anything in their path. Jo even considered protecting SUNY with an umbrella but it was thundering at the same time so not the best idea. All we could do was watch through the window and hope for the best as the storm continued. 20 minutes later the sun broke through the clouds once again. On approaching SUNY and the sunny eight Jo noticed that the lettuce had been destroyed, the begonias had turned holy. Opps no that should be holey not holy. I know it’s Sunday but plants don’t have a religion as far as I know. There stood tall and proud still was SUNY and the sunny eight. A little war wounded but they had survived. The best news by far though is not only is SUNY regularly peeping over the fence, but he is now in bloom. Vibrant yellow petals are revealing a pin cushion black centre. He continues to unfold as we speak. Well done SUNY for surviving the storm. The sunny eight are also all standing taller and some buds are forming. It’s looking good in Dartford. X

SUNY the magnificent.
The sunny eight.

So what will happen over the next week? Will Sam’s flower burst into bud? Will Lisa sabotage Jan’s flower in revenge? Tune in next week to find out. 🌻🌻🌻🌻

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