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Rhubarb cordial and the new garden visitors.

Monday morning and a new list of jobs for the week. First up was to finish making the rhubarb cordial. The rhubarb had steadily drained through the sieve overnight and I was greeted with a thick syrup. To this I added sugar and heated until dissolved. The end result looks lovely in colour and tastes great. Not as sweet as the elderflower but still nice. The rhubarb itself I have frozen to use in a crumble at a later date.

For the last week or so our garden has been visited by a family of Goldfinch. I’ve never seen them in our garden before. They first attracted my attention as their bird song is different to our other visitors. One of them flits in and out of the orange blossom whilst one other waits in the taller tree as if on guard. They continue to chat to eat other whilst they collect the bugs and fine twigs from the trees. I have seen five of them flying in a group. This encouraged me to get my proper camera out as I could zoom in better from a distance without disturbing them. Although as I write this now sitting on my new bench by the pond a couple of them are singing away in the tree behind me.

This afternoon saw a trip out to take Ben to the orthodontist. His brace broke at the beginning of lockdown so he was one of the first to receive an appointment once they reopened. I had to wait in the car as they have strict guidelines. Ben had his temperature taken when he arrived and asked the now normal questions about people in your household. He had to wear a mask in the reception which was kindly made by a friend for him. Braces fixed now for a few days of sore teeth and very soft dinners. Sadly the lockdown has put the work the brace is doing back a few months as it hasn’t had any tension on it since.

That’s about it for today. Relaxing evening in my pj’s sitting in the garden watching the fish. So here are some more photos of the garden to share with you. Night. X

What colour will this one be?
The new Malvern hills rose in memory of my dad x.
What a gorgeous dahlia.
The purple obilisk provide a great hit of colour during the winter and provides a structure for the Mallow during the summer.
Every time I look at this Verbena Bonasaris I am reminded of Guernsey.

Slowly filling the garden with various lavenders. Rich and I loved them, dad not so much. Sorry dad. X x