Monthly Archives: Jun 2020

Yes, another garden project……

You may remember a few weeks ago we made a wooden planter out of pallets for the Lilys. whilst sitting in the garden a few days later with Bev she asked why hadn’t I made one for the other Lilys? Good question, why hadn’t I?

So the next project was born. Measurements taken and this time wood purchased as the taking apart of the pallet was so time consuming (however have since found out an easier, quicker method)

Jono came to help me again. I had seen a slightly different design that had built in legs which was a great idea.

First all the sides were cut along with the leg supports.

Then came the fun bit of trying to attach the first leg. Dad would have straight away said oh you do it like this but we worked it out in the end.

We must be getting quicker at this. Mind you it helps to know where the tools are that you need 😉

A great end result. Nice and sturdy and compliments the other planter perfectly.

A good match.

The Lilys are looking beautiful. I’m so please Rich chose them. Every time I look at them I smile with happy memories x x ❤️❤️ Thank you Mr Hurcombe. X X