Monthly Archives: Jun 2020

Roses and plants….

A while ago I had seen a rose nursery near Leeds castle. So Miss Lexy was prepped and off I went to pick Bev up and poddle down there.

We had a lovely (very hot) time walking through all the roses. I’ve never seen so many and apparently the scent was heavenly. A rose was found for the arch and will be planted in a few days when it’s not quite so hot.

The reason for taking Miss Lexy out was also so that we could enjoy the sunny day and have a picnic. You can’t beat cups of tea and scones with home made jam and fresh cream outside.

On route home we stopped at the cherry farm. Needless to say there may be a cherry jam post in the next few days. 🙂

Once home I enjoyed a relaxing few hours in the shade and then the hot tub before spending time watering the garden. So tonight’s photos are of the new blooms springing into life.

One pink lily amongst the white.
Richs gorgeous Delphinium