Monthly Archives: Jun 2020


It’s cherry season. We love cherries here and as I mentioned previous I had bought quite a lot.

Thursday saw a couple of jars of delicious looking cherry jam. It was another easy recipe and didn’t take to long. Think I’m getting the hang of jam making.

Suzy enjoyed a great play time. We set of on one of our usual routes and met a chap along the way. He was heading to the closet field and said he meets up with a few others. Well Suzy was sooooo happy. Us humans made a socially distanced circle and all the doggies played and ran, really enjoying themselves and all got along. It was lovely to see.

Today was meant to be a gentle day but you do know me right??

I set about planting in the new roses next to the arch and moved a couple of plants to accommodate. It is quite windy, cooler and the odd spell of rain but that doesn’t stop me.

After lunch I decided to tackle the wild flower meadow. It has been said that it can take a good season to get going. A few new things are growing through but I’m impatient, so a few weeks ago I ordered some wild flower plug plants on my friends advice. I pulled out some of the regular long lawn grass to make space and planted in 40 wild flowers. Fingers crossed for them.

Mummies little helper likes to sit right in front of where I would like to work.

Friday evening I made a delicious recipe that I had seen on a few you tube chateau programmes lately, as I had plenty of cherries I thought I’d give it a go.

So easy to make and scrumptious when cooked. I’ll put the link to the Jamie Oliver version I made next.

Stage one.
Stage two.
Cherry Clafoutis.

So there you have my odds and ends few days. The garden is looking stunning at the moment, let’s hope the wind and rain doesn’t damage it tonight x

Love the bright purple of the Verbena against the dark foliage of the dahlia.
Richs delphinium is looking wonderful.