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Sunflower Special edition, update 7…..

It’s been another mixed weather week for the Sunflower gang. We have had heavy rains, storms and glorious sunshine. Currently in Dartford it’s very windy but the sun is shining brightly. So what’s been happening this week?

Auntie Jeanie – well that touch of yellow we saw on Sally last week has progressed further. Look at her glorious bright sunny face. How pretty. Well done Jeanie, the second sunflower to bloom.

Jeanie’s, Sally sunflower.

Jan- Well would you look at that. From an early disaster to this beauty. This seems to be the only none chomped sunflower and boy is it looking great. Will we see it sparkle next week?

Jan’s sunflower.

Nanny Bev – Go Gerald! What have you been up to this week? Drinking Spinach? There must be a good 10 inch spurt on. So tall in fact Bev now couldn’t see the bud, so standing on tiptoes she managed to hold the camera up high and take its picture from above. Shock, another Sunflower nearly in full Bloom. Well done Gerald.

Go Gerald.

Sam and Craig- Well we didn’t think we would hear anything from these guys this week after their disaster last week but I have it on good authority that they have been in touch with a sunflower healer and will be able to update us in due course.

Jo and Ben- SUNY is still proudly showing his bright yellow face this week along with sneaking in another bud further down the stem. The sunny eight had to be supported again after their growth spurt and to protect them from the wind. The Buddets showcasing with the sunny eight are performing well and hope to Premier their new looks next week.

SUNY and the sunny eight.
Looks like it’s going to be twins.

Will there be a full show of Sunflowers next week? Will the sunflower healer manage miracles? Will Bev need to get her ladders out next week to look up to Gerald? Stay tuned 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻