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A tough week with a surprise ending……

This is the week of project Workshop and garden shed. It wasn’t going to be an easy task. Dad had been sorting his tools and work bits out, and had achieved more than I realised. However you could still hardly get in the workshop and the garden shed was also swamped in old panels and fixtures.

Where to start? Well I suppose the first task is to make room to be able to get in and open cupboards. I had some help thank goodness with this. Andy, dads friend who he previously worked with spent quite a while in the workshop with me telling me what things were and if they were still used. Sadly most of the instrumentation was obsolete.

We started to get everything out that was to go to the scrap yard, three car loads in fact. This was heavy going and took three of us to manoeuvre it all to the front of the house. The trip to the scrap yard was very interesting and fascinating to watch all these people coming and going and how the staff sorted at speed which metal was which to give us the price.

After this we also had to separate what was going to the refuse centre. we thought it would fit in with Bev’s garden rubbish but nooooo. Another trip will be required. Bev and I worked solidly on Friday sorting out what tools we had and what was in each cupboard. It was hot work and exhausting.

Nanny’s little helper today.
The almost complete garden shed, just now needs rearranging.
I’ve never seen this door able to be closed.
Wow, I can see a worktop.

Saturday morning I was up early and determined to get more done. So by 7am I was in the workshop sorting out the roof space. Everything that is still relevant and in working order has been kept. Another run to the scrap yard is also required. But by mid morning the main workshop is almost finished, all bar labelling the drawers ect to know what is where.

The start of a potting bench, with 3 empty sets of drawers ready to have pots stored.

So with the workshop well on its way i was due for a well earned break. I had arranged to meet Sam, Mark and Ryan for a picnic at Capstone park to celebrate my birthday which is next week. Ben, Suzy and I jumped in the van and set off.

Part way there I noticed in the mirror something flapping on the side of the van. It was the electric socket cover. I pulled over but I couldn’t manage to fix it, so out came the handy role of gaffa tape. An essential with van travel. Back on the road again it was time to head for the car park. The guys met us there and with our picnic and chairs we headed up to a field.

However at this point I was amazed to see at the far side a gazebo, table and chairs and a group of my friends. I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. It’s been such a tough week and I’m especially missing Rich so to see everyone here was fantastic.

Nick had spent the previous day baking and provided us with afternoon tea. We had home made scones, Jam and cream. Ginger cake, and a beautiful homemade birthday cake with fresh strawberries. Not forgetting the camping stove with not only cups of tea, but decaf tea and goats milk for me. Thank you so much everyone. You don’t know how much you’ve brightened my day.

I forgot to take a photo of the whole cake.
A socially distanced tea party.

After a while a couple of the guys got out some remote controlled cars which sped around the field. Suzy was most excited by this and once of her lead ran as fast as she could to chase them. Needless to say we have a very worn out puppy laying next to me tonight.

So there we have our very productive but emotional week. I think dad would have been pleased that the workshop has been sorted and taken to the scrap yard. He had clearly started to sort all the metal he just needed a bit of help to finish it. Love you dad, and your 7 Stanley knives, 3 sanders and endless storage boxes ❤️