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Sunflower special edition, update 8…..

What a windy week it’s been. Has everyone survived? Are all the sunflowers in one piece still? Let’s find out.

Sam and Craig – last week we heard that they had been in touch with a sunflower healer. Part way through the week I was updated with the good news that they were well and truly back in the race. It did appear on first glance that magic had happened in Poole, however a birthday video call later in the week showed up some sunflowers on the dining table. They had cleverly tried to fool us. Great effort guys

Auntie Jeanie – We have a weather beaten Sally this week but she is still holding her roots and dancing to the windy beat. She even seems to have another bud forming. Well done Sally.

Sally’s second bud.

Nanny Bev – Gerald can’t make up his mind this week. He now wants to be called Geraldine. Why I hear you ask? Well it appears Geraldine is having babies too☺️ congratulations.

Jo and Ben – SUNY is still in bloom but near the end of his petals now. However the great news is he is getting ready for the next show with some more buds. As long as he can hold on in these blustery winds. It’s appears the sunny eight are dancing away with SUNY as they blow this way and that, again just holding on my the skin of their roots. Fingers crossed they will survive.

Jan- We have been informed this week that Jans flower is no longer nameless. I guess sunflowers can grow into their names and this is no exception. Introducing the one and only Ginny come lately. She is late to the party but look at her. Tall and strong (and being pampered by going for a trip to the summerhouse to avoid the high winds.)

A few have asked when will our sunflowers be judged, well the plan is that those in bloom can now measure the height and width of their plant, and once we have all the measurements a winner will be announced. Jan’s may follow in a week or so as it’s playing catch-up.

Have a sunny week everyone🌻🌻🌻