An incomplete birthday

What a difference a day makes- one day your loved ones are with you, the next they have slipped away and those of us left behind have a gaping hole in our life.

Also in times like these you really do appreciate your friends, the messages of support and the kindly written words. I have received so many lovely words of well wishes and encouragement over the last few days. Complimenting me on how strong I’ve been. But the last few days have been so tough. Why do we feel more emotional and upset at birthdays? I’m upset everyday but this has been tough. Every time one of you has sent me a message or made a donation to the Ellenor I’ve cried again. I really do have amazing friends and family and I’m so thankful.

Some of you didn’t want me to be on my own today (yes Ben is here but he doesn’t usually get up until after lunch) So one of my friends arranged a surprise afternoon tea/ lunch which was held at Bev’s house. So much effort went into it. There were birthday banners, balloons and a prettily laid out table. Flowers and the most pretty birthday cake I’ve ever seen. Thank you it was so lovely but I can’t eat any more cake for a few days 😂

The spread consisted of sausage rolls, savoury scones, plain scones, fruit scones, carrot cake, chocolate cake, and this huge birthday cake. Not forgetting tea and Pimms.

Ben made me chuckle this morning. When he got up he apologised for not wrapping my gift up properly. He didn’t know where the wrapping paper was kept. I think he improvised very well ☺️

First thing this morning I took Suzy for her play date with some of the local pups. Normally she plods along the path, sniffing and peeing her way along, but no not today. She knew, I was pulled along, not a single stop until we reached the field then she was off. A very happy puppy.

Come on mum, why so slow?

Once again thank you all for being there for us. It’s very much appreciated and we couldn’t have got this far without you x x

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  • What a beautiful cake 🎂. It was lovely talking to you last night. And it’s a privilege to be friends with a strong lovely lady like you. Stay strong Jo you have lots of memories to keep you going as well as al your friends.xx

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