Monthly Archives: Jul 2020

A flicker of normality…..

Lockdown has been frustrating, challenging and unknown. We have all missed seeing our friends and family. Going out for dinner, being able to just walk into the supermarket and going to the cinema.

Well today we did just that, we went to the cinema. Bluewater have put some newish films on for £5 a ticket, reduced the capacity by 50%, made everything contactless and strict cleaning.

A trip to the local shop to stock up on drinks and popcorn and off we went. Bluewater was fairly busy and still has it’s one way systems but easy to navigate.

The screen only had 5 other people in it. Plenty of space. Then they teased us with new trailers of Top Gun and James Bond. I can’t wait for them to be out at the cinema. We saw Jumanji two. A good film with some great actors and some comical moments.

It was a nice afternoon. It gave us a glimpse of the world getting on with everything despite the pandemic.

Once home I spent some time looking at all the plants in the garden. Some are coming on really well. Some have been chomped.

The greenhouse is doing well and the first melon has now appeared.

The first melon.

The first tomatoes on the big plants have appeared which is very exciting and the salad crops are doing so well, my salad tonight was 100% grown by me. Very satisfying.

The first spring onions.
The hanging basket cherry tomatoes.
Two types of lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes, spring onion, long radish and cucumber.

There is also more beautiful flowers now, so colourful.