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A different kind of trip

Last weekend Ben and I packed up Miss Lexy and headed off to a campsite in Henley on Thames. It was a campsite I’ve been before with Rich on a few occasions so thought it would be a good place to return to as I would be doing all the van life bits without him.

We had a nice easy drive down, the M25 was the clearest I’ve ever driven. Clearly many people are still staying at home.

Arriving at the campsite was different to past check in’s as we had already been sent the gate code and pitch number so that there was no contact with the reception staff. This we managed to do and found our pitch with ease, Parked up and plugged Miss Lexy in. it was now that I started to realise this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. I knew how to do all the electrics and water ect but what I wasn’t used to was doing it all without Rich. We had such a routine, each knew what the other would be doing. We were the perfect team. It was a shock for myself how I realised a big part of our team was missing so it wasn’t going to be the same again.

Miss Lexy all set up.

Part of the reason for our trip was to have a well earned change of scenery the other was to meet up with Jan and Lisa. We had booked a lunch at the campsite on our arrival day. This was the first time I had eaten out since February due to lock down. We had to book in advance but that was ok our table was waiting for us and we ordered with staff in gloves and masks. My roast beef dinner was beautiful, although strange eating from a paper plate and wooden cutlery. It was great to catch up and after a few hours chatting Ben, Suzy and I returned to the van to relax for a while and enjoy the sunshine.

I put up our camping sofa and Suzy made herself at home immediately. One happy relaxed puppy.

I didn’t want much space anyway 😂.

The first night in the van was so strange. Ben was very comfortable in the roof space but I felt lost. My wonderful man wasn’t there sharing the space with me. We had such fun when in the van and this evening really made me realise how much I was missing him. We were so fortunate to have so many adventures and in the last year trips out and our honeymoon in Miss Lexy. My friends have told me to keep going, keep going away in the van. Rich will be watching me and supporting me in a way he can. ❤️

Bringing Miss Lexy home for the first time.
Breakfast outside Miss Lexy on our honeymoon last year.

We made it through the first night. Ben woke early, makes a change 😂 so we got ourselves organised and walked into town to meet Jan and Lisa for another lunch out. The walk didn’t take long and it was so nice to walk through the streets with all the pretty houses and many flowers decorating them and the streets

The old Toll house.

Henley is famous for its yearly regatta but sadly this year the event wouldn’t be running. After our delicious lunch by the river we all went for a boat trip along the river towards Marlow. The sun was shining and the dogs seemed to love the sights and smells.

Suzy enjoying the view.
The pub were we enjoyed a beautiful lunch.

After a glorious afternoon Ben and I headed back to the campsite. More views of historical buildings and the old brewery.

Our trip was coming to a close. It’s going to take some getting used to but I will keep trying despite it not feeling right with out Rich by my side.

Today Bev and I headed off to the rose nursery near Leeds castle. I wanted to buy a standard rose to give some colour and height in the border. Rumwood nursery has the best selection of roses I’ve ever seen and great prices. We chose a yellow rose called sun blessed. It looks fabulous in its new location.


The rest of the afternoon was spent pottering in the garden, moving a few plants, enjoying a relax in the hot tub and a steak and chips dinner with Ben in the garden.

The best way to spend a hot sunny day x x

Lunch of baked Camembert and French bread.
Mummies little helper.
Cheers my darling x x Never forgotten.