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Mini garden project day…..

Sunday mornings are for laying in bed. I haven’t laid in bed for months but today it seems I fell back to sleep and woke with a start at 9.

What to do today? It was drizzling with rain but lovely and warm, so after Suzy and I had been for a walk I set off down to the workshop. I wanted to check that I had the right attachments for the drill for a project I want to start later in the week. Luckily I do so hopefully the weather will be on my side on Wednesday. More about that later.

Last year Rich helped me to place an irrigation system in the bottom border. But sadly I left it out during the winter and it appears something nibbled it. After investigating the garden shed I had almost all the parts required to relay the system. The only parts that I was short on was the spikes to hold it into the ground. With my crafty head though I found the wire and fashioned some new ground spikes. Now we can begin.

Hopefully this is all that is needed.

Laying the hose was not an easy job on my own. Climbing in and out of the plants, trying not to stand or fall on any. But after a couple of hours I had the pipes in place with droppers by each area that I need to concentrate the water on. Time for the big switch on. This system is operated from the water butt that gathers water from the shed and greenhouse roof, so it’s so important that I remember to turn it off or else there wouldn’t be enough water for the greenhouse plants. I turned the taps and returned to the flower bed to see if I had successfully installed the system.

Much to my delight water was dripping slowly from each mini tap. Hooray.

That was a tricky job but I’m so pleased id managed it. Next job was to plant up a couple of Clematis that had recently been delivered. I thought Id ordered one but two arrived. I planted the first Clematis next to a Jasmine behind my compost bin and the other in the back border. Hopefully they will grow and I can train them to cover various sections of the shed and trellis. Snails though tend to be a problem here, so I fashioned a snail defence device from a plastic bottle and copper tape.

The garden has been buzzing with bees and butterflies today. They are loving all the flowers that were planted last year. Last night we also had a huge amount of flying ants take off from the Salvia pot.

This seasons huge white upright begonia.
The same begonia in red.
The big tomatoes are coming along well.

For dinner tonight we were cooking up a roast chicken. I’ve been growing carrots for a couple of months now and tonight I pulled one up to find a plump red carrot. How joyful. I pulled up a few more and some rogue spinach that had seeded itself in the spring onions. It’s so rewarding growing your own. Until next time. X

Mummies little helper supervising the carrots being pulled.