Monthly Archives: Jul 2020

a Laurel, laurel tree?

Part one today of prepping for the new greenhouse extension. Yes I know I’m mad wanting to extend the greenhouse, but it will be worth it next year.

So tools at the ready, Jono here to help we set to work.

The before shot.

Part of the reason also for taking out the Laurel is that the roses on the arch are not getting enough sunlight, taking it out will make a big difference.

Now to cut it all up to fit in the garden recycle bin.
Mummy’s little helper, supervising?
Mummy’s little helper standing by, ready to help.

After a few hours of cutting and sawing the job was complete. Thee is a big empty space, however so much more sunlight is getting through and once winter comes we will move the arch and extend the greenhouse. The plan is also to put in a second water butt at the side of the greenhouse. It will all be concealed by a new trellis and climbing rose which I hope to relocate.

Job complete.