Monthly Archives: Jul 2020

Introducing The Berry Patch

Many years ago my vegetable patch was turned into the berry patch as I was often away in the summer when the vegetables would be ready to harvest. We started the patch being full of strawberries, but I have since added raspberry canes and this year hanging baskets with cherry tomatoes.

This was the berry patch this morning.

As you can see the strawberries have taken over in some places and the raspberries needed thinning out.

Some of the strawberry plants are also now three years old and they didn’t produce much good quality fruit this year so it was time to pull them up and add them to the compost.

Plants removed and soil dug over.

Last year I had planted up some of the runners from the existing plants and they had been in pots so far. But now there is room to plant them out into the strawberry patch.

Healthy new strawberry plants in place and watered.

The early fruiting raspberries have now finished fruiting so it is time to cut them back. It’s quite easy to do as the canes have already turned brown so easily identify.

Thinned out and supported.

Whilst I was busy working in the patch I had a couple of friendly visitors not bothered by me at all.

Of course I had my reliable little helper on hand today also.

Mummies little helper strikes again.

So there we have another productive day in the garden.

Sunflower update: The results are now in, all sun sunflowers have bloomed. Results will be revealed in Sundays sunflower special Blog.