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Sunflower special edition, the finale…..

On the 20th of April 2020 we had to say goodbye to Rich. This was also the day that the Sunflower family competition got under way.

As I mentioned previously Rich and I had started to grow the sunflowers back in March and his idea was that each family member would have one, nurture them, talk to them and look at it each day and smile. I know I for one always smile when I see my happy sunny yellow faces beaming against the fence.

So here goes the final sunflower blog for 2020. Let’s remind ourselves as well as to what everyone’s looked like back then.

Craig and Sam –

Craig and Sam started off so well. They kept their sunflowers indoors for a while. Even Cosmo left them alone

Then Sam and Craig transfered the sunflowers to the big wide world of their garden in pool. Again they were growing nicely until disaster struck.

Brian has arrived to the competition. I think he should have been in the race between the Hare and the tortoise but he said he had a keen taste for sunflowers and he began chomping away.

Jan and Lisa – (and not forgetting the adorable Libby) Again a good start out in Reading. Their tactic seemed to be leave them outside during the day and bring them in at night. This lasted for a while until the winds came and snapped Lisa’s sunflower head clean off. It was like a scene from the revolution in Paris. Lisa was mortified and also out of the running.

Jans flower however fell off the table in the wind very early on in the race and its top snapped straight off. Fortunately the sunflower fairy delivered some new sunflower seeds which were planted with haste but lots of love. The result was that Jan was catching up and back in the runnings.

Auntie Jeanie – over near Bexleyheath. We had to keep an eye on Jeanie, as they say it’s the quiet ones you have to watch and as a keen gardener she had lots of previous experience and knowledge. Sally the sunflower was a bit of a mystery. We didn’t know if it was in or outdoors to start with. But slowly and steadily Sally grew stronger, survived the high winds, hail and rain and is now looking beautiful.

Sally sunflower.

Nanny Bev – now this was risky for Gerald. He started of growing indoors but was soon planted into a larger pot and positioned outside, sheltered by a wall. However Bev has two very big strong dogs, would they like to nibble Gerald as they do the bamboo? Now I know that Bev gave Gerald the odd feed here and there. Did this help, would she be the winner?

Jo and Ben – well when I say Jo and Ben its really just Jo lol Ben has outgrown growing sunflowers. SUNY sunflower as did all the plants started their life here in Jo’s greenhouse. SUNY even remained in the greenhouse for a few more weeks as he had a phobia of slugs and snails. He needed quite a bit of reassuring that he would be safe in his new container and next to the fence. Also he was promised full sunshine. What he didn’t expect was a massive hail storm, pounding through his leaves. Fortunately the flower hadn’t quite revellers itself and survived. SUNY was also joined a few weeks later by the sunny eight. Eight youngsters all fighting for the best spot by the fence.

So here are some of the highlights.

The first out of the competition was Lisa in edition 5. Beheaded, a nasty way to go. Second out was Sam and Craig in edition 6. Although the Sunflower healer was called in in edition 7, we heard in edition 8 that the sunflowers had been revived, however we didn’t get to the root of the therapy and after some consideration it was decided that some foul play had occurred and they were now out of the competition. Great effort though guys.

Craig and Sams late entry 😉

Jo’s sunflower was the first to bloom back in edition 5, closely followed by Jeanie in edition 7. Nanny Bev was in full bloom by edition 8 and wow, Jan’s seeds had put in a great fight. What was she feeding them. Her sunflower, Ginny was in bloom just after update 8.

It’s been great fun hearing all the sunny stories, tears with the disasters but the main thing is that the competition has kept us all smiling and hopefully the readers of this blog to. Rich would have loved all the comical stories, especially Sams and Craig’s. I think Rich may have grown his sunflower on the shed roof to gain that extra height 🤣

So the moment you have all been waiting for. Drum role please.🥁🥁🥁

4th place goes to Jeanie with a grand height of 121cm and a flower span of 12cm.

Sally sunflower.

3rd place goes to Jan with a height of 134.5cm and a flower span of 12.7cm

Ginny, Jan’s sunflower.

But second and first I think has to be a tiebreaker

We have the second highest plant with Bev at 168cm and the tallest plant is Jo’s with 170cm. However in second place with a flower span of 14cm is Jo and in first place a whopping 18cm span is Nanny Bev.

SUNY and the sunny eight

Not in the running though was one of the SUNY eight. One of Jo’s sunflowers reached an incredible 175cm tall and a flower span of 23cm!

A huge thank you though to Rich for starting the competition. I know I for one think of him every time I see SUNY and the sunny eight dancing in the breeze or smiling up to the sun. Rich wanted us to keep smiling just like he did through the tough times and he certainly got his wish ❤️❤️❤️