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The veg patch project

I’d spoken a while back about creating a couple of new raised beds for growing vegetables but put it on hold as I thought no point this year. However I was full of energy today and decided that it was worth starting, at least installing a temporary bed as I had quite a lot that I could grow now.

This is what the area looked like before today.

As you can see Suzy was on hand to assist as usual. I’d marked out a rough size with bamboo canes. It’s a tad smaller than it will eventually be as I wanted to leave room for the new edging that is yet to be made. Also I plan to turn this into a raised bed so that it will have some good quality topsoil added and enable better root systems. Once the shape and sized was marked the shape was cut with a grass cutter and the grass removed with a spade.

Starting to take shape.

Now was the real energetic bit, to dig the soil over and remove as many stones and old roots as possible. Of course at this point the sun came out in full and tried to bake me. But with a few refreshment stops I soon had this part competed.

It would be better if I could edge the patch somehow and after some searching through dads bits and pieces collection I found some lengths of wood that would do for now.

Temporarily edged and dug over.

After some compost was added I marked out where I wanted to put each vegetable. I decided to plant spring onions, red carrots, 3 different types of radish, 3 different varieties of lettuce and spinach.

This spot is visited by Suzy and the birds quite frequently so the next stage was to place some netting over. Again I had this available in the garden shed. It was easy to place as I dropped it over my mini cloche frames for support. A quick drench, tidy up and labels in, job complete. Total spend, zero! I already had everything that was required. Now to wait patiently for the vegetables to grow.

So there we have another quick relatively easy garden project. Fingers crossed everything grows. I’ll leave you tonight with a few more photos from the exciting veg and flowers. Night x

There is a sign that the carrots are getting bigger.
The huge begonias.
This hanging basket is full of colour.