What a difference…..

Three weeks ago, the sun was shining, the days longer and I was still up cycling and recycling what I could to keep myself occupied.

Part of the reason for trying to keep myself occupied was that my back pain was getting worse. Moving became more difficult and Suzy walks were getting shorter and shorter.

I’d had an MRI and was awaiting an urgent referral to the team at Kings for possible surgery. However not doing things by half’s, on Thursday 10th September I had to call an ambulance as the pain was unbearable and my legs gave way. Ben was in complete shock after being woke by telephone to come over to my bedroom and help me and keep Suzy from worrying whilst we waited for the ambulance.

Once in A&E, after many hours I was admitted to a ward and another MRI. A disc in my lower back had herniated and was compressing lots of nerves. Surgery was now the way to go and after a middle of the night transfer to London Kings College Hospital and many do we don’t we from the surgeons I was quickly taken for the surgery. As you can imagine the next few hours were a bit of a blur. When I woke back on the ward I was asked to get out of bed and have a wee. To my complete surprise there was no pain! I could get in and out of bed, walk and sit. Sitting hadn’t been comfortable for weeks. I was truly amazed.

Sunday I was even more amazed as I was told I was doing so well I could go home. Quite a scary thought as they usually keep you there for 3-4 days but due to Covid it was safer to recover at home.

When I’d heard that I may need to have surgery some of my friends told me they had put a plan in place and I had to go with it. The plan was rapidly bought forward. Sam came to stay at our house to be with Ben and Suzy. Mark stayed home to look after their side of things and Bev, Jono and Victoria took turns in popping over to help me once home.

As many of you know I’m not very good at doing nothing but I now had to. I wasn’t going to risk undoing the work the surgeons had performed and I think my body was screaming at me to stop after a rough six months. I have done as I’m told, taken things slowly, lifted nothing heavy, I’ve not twisted, stretched or pushed myself to much. I had to ask for help to shower, cook my dinner, walk Suzy and many other jobs that we take for granted.

Now two weeks post op and Sam drove me to the country park where we could let Suzy back off the lead for a good run around and to test my walking on the grass. We have one very happy chilled out dog this afternoon. Suzy loved interacting with her chums and chasing the ball. It will be a few weeks yet before I can drive or walk Suzy myself but everything is going in the right direction. Best of all, no pain!!

I’ve thanked the NHS many times this year and I find myself saying it again. THANK YOU. What would we do without you?🌈🌈

So what was I up to before this little hiccup? We had two wicker baskets for bits and pieces in our hall way that didn’t match. You guessed it, they do now. Thanks to some more spray paint🙂

The completed baskets.

The plants in the green house have now finished and one of the last things to pick was our one and only melon. It was enjoyed sitting in the sunshine with some Parma ham. Just how dad and Rich would have.

My other little project was to respray a couple of photo frames as I have so many wonderful memories that I want to share. The first two went well and looked great once Mark had put them on the wall for me. However it didn’t look complete. It needed a third frame and unable to purchase the same again I set about restyling a bigger frame. I managed to do this whilst recovering after the op sitting in the sunshine. I pulled apart an eight frame, reattached it in its new formation, filled in the excess holes and sprayed it to match the other two. Another successful upcycle.

The original frame.
Sanded and ready for spraying.
The eight frame to be taken apart.
The final frame now on the wall thanks to Martin and Nick.

The weekend was topped of on Saturday with Nick and Martin joining Sam and I. Some of you may remember last month we had a holiday debrief and enjoyed a meal with each of us making a course. This weekend Nick made the main and Martin the starter and desert (I was excused from this month) and Sam on clearing and washing up.

Nick had set a further challenge by picking a Welsh theme as we had all holidayed there together a few years ago.

So Martin’s starter was home made Leek and Potato soup, garnished with sautéed Leek and chives, Delicious. Next was Nick’s main which was a Welsh lamb stew with home made sourdough bread. Again full of flavour and delicious and desert (I always love desert as I have a rather sweet tooth) was baked by Martin and was an Eve’s pudding but made with pear instead of apple. Bloody lovely and yes I had to have seconds. what a way to spend an afternoon😛

So there we have it. The last three weeks all caught up. All my other projects are temporarily placed on hold whilst I recover. For now I shall continue to be gripped by the Netflix drama, The Fall. (Thank you Cheryl, great recommendation) and alternate my time between putting my feet up, walking a little further each day and catching up on some reading. I may even do some research into the next big adventure☺️🚐

Take care everyone and thank you again to everyone that has sent me messages and helped myself and Ben out over the last few weeks. X x

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