Getting back to some normality….

Five weeks ago I could hardly move. Now I’m driving, walking very well, managing a bit of gentle gardening and back to my favourite pastime of upcycling.

So here is an update of what I have been up to in-between lots of relaxing and resting still.

The weather has been gorgeous on a few days so I have taken this opportunity to do a spot of gardening. Don’t worry, I’ve not overdone it and only done what feels comfortable. The front wall baskets have now been planted up with winter bulbs and very pretty pansies that remind me of oranges and lemons. Hopefully they will look even more spectacular in the spring.

Tete a tete bulbs going in.

During the week I have also worked on two cupboards from the living room. As you can see they were quite a dark wood and the living room is quite dark during the day so I set to giving them a lift.

Sanded then wiped down out in the sunshine with mummy’s little helper they were ready to paint.

We chose a colour similar to duck egg blue to coordinate with the grey sofa, sanding the tops back to the natural wood and waxing them.

I’m very pleased with them, but of course it doesn’t stop there. Next will now be the coffee tables and the lamp bases and probably the display unit. It’s addictive this hobby.

The back garden bulbs also started to be planted this week with Jono and Bev’s help. Hopefully the hyacinths will look great in front of the pond in the spring.

This weekend has been filled with meeting up with some friends. Saturday we enjoyed afternoon tea in Rochester, very indulgent, and today Nick, Martin and I went to see a show filmed at the 02 with Michael Ball and Alfie Boe but shown at the cinema. It was great. Lots of songs from the musicals amongst other greats. Trouble is it’s reminded me how much I miss going to concerts or the theatre. Let’s hope the theatres can open again soon.

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