Adventure to the Isle of Wight

College half term was fast approaching. The year has been incredible tough. We really needed a little adventure, a change of scenery before the nights draw in and the days become cooler.

After two days of solid accommodation searching, anywhere in the country we came upon a 3 bedroom townhouse in Seaview, on the Northeast side of the Isle of Wight. Ben and I had only been to the island in late December with my dad to accompany him for work so we were looking forward to seeing the island “open”

Bags packed, Lexy loaded Ben, Abbie, Bev, Suzy and I set off towards the ferry from Portsmouth. The ferry was to take us to Fishbourne and from there is was a short drive to Seaview. To start our trip off it rained, in fact it rained ever day we were there.

First stop, lunch. A little eatery was found facing the sea and we relaxed and enjoyed our meal.

The most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen.

Once keys collected we all excitedly explored our temporary home. A three bedroom town house with views over looking the sea from the second floor. That will do us nicely thank you.

The next day we headed off to Cowes. Cowes has been seen as a home for international yacht racing since the founding of the Royal Yacht Squadron in 1815. It gives its name to the world’s oldest regular regatta, Cowes Week, which occurs annually in the first week of August. Later, powerboat races are held. It’s a pleasant town to walk round and made easier on full belly’s after a pub full English. Of course to help keep us warm as you guessed it, it’s raining again.

Thursday we drove across the island to the windy west. Boy was it windy today. Our aim was to visit the Needles and Alum Bay, famous for its coloured sands. Yep raining again and combined with the wind that meant that the cable car wasn’t running down to the bay. So only one thing for it, walk, down lots and lots of steps. Well worth it though. The waves were crashing over the lower cable car station but this didn’t deter from the majestic brightly coloured cliffs. No trip to the beach is complete without a paddle either, well not for Bev😉

The Needles in the distance.

Fridays adventure was to Shanklin. Every time I had visited here in the past everything had been closed so we were looking forward to visiting Shanklin Chine. It was an interesting place to visit with lots of history.

The Chine had a calming feel to it and very pleasant to walk through. Especially when we returned after sunset to visit the illuminations.

No holiday is complete without a game of crazy golf. Yes it’s still raining but hey, we are brits and we are on holiday and not going to miss out. We may have got slightly soaked but we had lots of fun and survived the dinosaurs.

Hot chocolate never fails to warm one up.

Suzy also enjoyed her holiday, she loves the beach and even managed to have a swim, even though it was unintentional!

So if you fancy a holiday and want to feel like you’ve gone abroad, the Isle of Wight is a lovely place to visit. Why not give the coastal path or geocaching a try when you do x

Arriving back in Potsmouth.

One comment

  • We found a smashing chocolate shop in Cowes and for supper we went to a local pub where they all dance on the tables to live music. We also enjoyed lots of hikes and had way better weather but were there in late May or early June.


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