It’s a light bulb moment!

Can you guess what I’ve been up to again? Yep you guessed it up cycled some more furniture.

As I may have mentioned in previous blogs my living room is quite dark and so was the furniture. Rather than buy new furniture (there is nothing broken or wrong with what we had) I got to changing the look. You’ve just seen the newly painted units now it was the turn of the coffee tables and lamps.

The tables matched the units and were quite dark wood.

The previous dark tables.

First I needed to sand them back, the tops I wanted to strip all of the varnish to bring them back to the original wood. This took a bit of time but looked good after. The legs were a little tricky but again I persevered.

Sanded and ready to go.

The legs have been painted the same as the units and the tops waxed to bring out the grain of the original wood. The end result looks great.

The two lamps in the room were again dark wood. I purchased a third second hand, removed the lampshade and sanded them all back. I first used a chalk spray paint but on the new lamp it just kept going pink in colour. The tall lamp stand wasn’t taking the paint very well despite the paint saying no need to use a primer. Plan B, use the spray I’m used to working with. This worked well on the two original lamps but again not on the new. So not being defeated I returned to B&Q (my forth visit this week) purchased a primer and started again on the new lamp. Bingo. This is what it needed. Phew. With the new shades, the second new shades as the first I’d purchased were a different colour to how they looked online, they now look like completely new lamps and compliment the room better.

Mummies little helper

I’m very pleased with the end result, so whilst on the living room after taking Suzy on a lovely Sunday sunny stroll I took the doors off the next unit and got them sanded and ready for painting. You’ll have to wait and see how they turn out.

Today (Sunday) has been gorgeous and sunny so Suzy and I also couldn’t resist a little time in the garden. I mulched the roses, Suzy did what she does best. Laps up the sunshine.

Happy weekend everyone x x

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