Painting and crafting

It’s been a while since the last blog but I certainly have not been idol. Whilst parts of the country has gone into yet another severe lockdown and Christmas has been altered I’ve been busy refreshing the porch and utility room. you may think they didn’t need any attention however I disagree. The porch has a new outer door a few years ago and the paintwork never did get finished. So here goes.

A bright red door used to greet our visitors but it had faded and along with the paintwork in the porch needed some TLC. You may remember a few blogs back I’d visited Henley and spent a lot of time checking out different colour front doors and this was why. I wanted the colour to be more modern, suit the red tiles on the outside of the house and be light and bright from inside the hallway. After also watching a vlog on YouTube I chose the colour sage green, a colour used by the national trust.

Choosing the colour.

Before I could paint everything needed, some parts needed preparation. I don’t like this bit particularly but it’s a necessity. Door sanded, hole in wall cemented and filled, the white rendering was first to be painted followed by the wooden door frame. Now time to start the door.

The unpainted bit of porch.
The faded red door.

First the primer which was a very similar colour to the final bit. Thank goodness I was liking it. Painting round the glass was very time consuming.


Next came two coats of the main colour. It took quite a time but I’m so pleased with the final outcome.

So porch completed, what next?

Dad was a fantastic craftsman. He planned and built some of our extensions, made cupboards, designed rooms but what he didn’t do was ever finish a room 100%. This makes me chuckle as I’m sure he did this to give me something to do now and remember him by. I often chat to him whilst I’m doing these things, even if I know some of them he would be saying “why are you doing that like that” and “your painting it that colour!”

The utility room is full of cupboards and very practical but needed some prettying up. It was a pale yellow colour. Now I didn’t want to spend any money here and as we had lots of light grey paint left from Bens bedroom, this was chosen. I knew it wouldn’t be dark as all the cupboards are white.

Dads home made coat hooks

Once everything was prepared it didn’t take long to paint as there isn’t much wall to paint. Two coats later and it was already looking so much better.

The coat hook area I removed and sprayed in Dark grey gloss which was surprisingly good.

The final coat of paint had glitter added to give the walls a sparkling effect. It’s subtle but catches your eye when you walk in. After the skirting boards had been painted (another thing dad had never gotten around to when he fitted them, love you dad.) lights are added to the top of the cupboards and some small plants for a block of colour.

Sparkly paint

So transformation complete and with minimal cost.

Along with the decorations I have also been paper crafting some Christmas cards, gifts and flowers. I can’t share all these here with you as people won’t have received them yet.

Wreath made with burlap.
Wreath made with spare baubles and a wire coat hanger.

Lastly I discovered an antique silver teapot in the attic which I decided to polish up and make into a flower arrangement for Christmas. I’m very pleased with the result but would love to know it’s history.

Polishing up the teapot was by no means an easy job. It took three attempts but I hope you agree with me the end results were worth it.

So there we have my last few weeks activities. It’s been slow going but Ben and I are so pleased with the completed look.

I hope you all manage to stay well and safe and enjoy Christmas as best you can in these strange times x x

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