It’s all hinged……..

What a challenge. The whole cold frame project has been a massive learning curve. From learning new power tools, different techniques, drilling holes in Perspex and hinges!! The thing of nightmares lol. I couldn’t have completed this without the help of many friends and advice from Facebook.

When I decided I needed a cold frame which was summer 2020 it would have been very easy to go out and purchase one. However I had envisaged it as a project that dad would help me with. I hope that wherever he is now he is looking down and saying “she did good and it’s just like something I would make. Built to last!”

The start to finish has cost £60, and taken just over two weeks. (I can only do work involving a drill in small amounts as you’d be surprised how much of your back you use for this) It would have been more but I was gifted a sheet of Perspex for the roof, thank you Ian, and I already had a selection of screws and wood paint. To buy a basic cold frame they start at about £80 but I don’t think it would be as sturdy as I hope mine is. There would not be the huge sense of achievement that I feel now either.

So in the last blog the lid had been made along with the main frame. It was time to work out how to attach hinges. I’d purchased two different types and spent many an hour with some scrap pieces of wood putting the hinges on and off trying to work out how to do it, but no matter what I tried it wasn’t right.

Had I bought the wrong hinges? More time spent on YouTube and quite a few photos and questions asked on face book, video calls and a few days away from the cold frame was required.

Today I woke feeling extremely positive and clear about what was to do with thanks to some information one of my friends had found. The suggestion was to place hinge spacers between the lid frame and the hinge itself. (Well done Stephen) after a few attempts we had a huge eureka moment. It only works. Now just to pretty it up and paint the new bits of wood.

The last bits needed was a catch to hold the lid closed incase of high winds, a strut to hold the frame open a little for ventilation and some kind of strap to stop the lid opening all the way. I had contemplated purchasing some chain for this, but that’s no challenge. Whilst in the loft recently I’d spotted the slings Rich and I used to use to climbing and if they held our weight they would work here. So I started to attach the first one realising that I’d got the strap in place where you can see where we had marked the slings as ours. Thanks for being here to Rich. ❤️

So finally the cold frame is complete, just to move it into position later in the week

Let’s hope the weather brightens up soon and we can all spend some much needed time outside x x

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