Veg beds, done……

Not being one to sit down, especially as the sun was shining this week I decided to crack on with the veg beds.

The first one was roughly put in late last year with scraps of wood so it was time to tidy it up, design the path and move on to veg bed two.

Last years quickly thrown together bed.
New wood, weeded and tidied.

Today I had a little help with my bubble Bev. Quite a bit of turf removal was required here and this is something that’s a bit to much for me still. We set to work marking out where to place the wood and where to dig. It was quite chilly but nice and bright out.

It was my neighbours birthday the day before and she kindly gave us some cakes to have with our tea break which we throughly enjoyed whilst the robin came down to enjoy the worms.

Back to work and the grass was all dug out and we could place in the frame. We covered the patch over for now as I will soon get some manure and dig it through,then warm ready for planting. Now just to work out what and how to shape the new path.

Looking good.

We emptied the old grow bag compost from the greenhouse into the plot and found these interesting looking eggs in the soil. Any ideas what they may be?

Mystery eggs.

All that remained to do was to take the bags of turf to the front for disposal. Ben came to the rescue as there is no way I can move those yet. He came up with the ingenious way of moving them through the house. He put each bag on his skate board and wheeled it through. Fabulous, well done Ben.

So tomorrow I shall enjoy a nice restful day catching up with my Suzy sewing. This I hope to finish soon as I stated it last February.

So I hope your all doing ok and trying to get out and enjoy the sunshine. It certainly makes you feel so much better x x

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