Monthly Archives: Feb 2021

What a difference!

The last few days, weeks even have pretty much been non stop rain. Well I guess it’s winter but what with lock down as well it’s really getting on my nerves now. I’m sure many of you want to see the sunshine as well as friends and family. Just to be able to spend a few hours in the garden would be heaven.

Well today was to be the day. With snow predicted for Sunday (really? I feel a Michael Fish moment coming on) a grey start soon cleared to be bright blue skies and some warmth from the yellow dot in the sky. Anything that needed to be done indoors today could wait, Suzy and I are getting a share of that sunshine.

The greenhouse last week had a couple of slabs relaid and grouting between them, (thanks to bubble Bev x ) This has taken quite a few days to set due to the low temperatures but it’s getting there now. Next the whole space needed washing down to prevent and nasties effecting the new plants that are soon to be sown. What a difference washing the roof, walls and windows makes. So much fresher and brighter. My staging had started to break down so I made good what I could and gave that all a good wash down in the sunshine, ready to go back in the greenhouse. I also have had some new staging delivered but it’s far to nice to be inside today. So after a well deserved cup of tea whilst sitting in the sun and spending some time with mummies little helper it seemed a good day to wash the rest of the pots and trays in preparation for the new plants.

Mummies little helper enjoying the warmth of the winter sun.
No coat or jumper required today.

It’s hard to believe heavy snow is predicted for two days time.

Time for lunch after a good job jobbed. But first a check on how my little irises were getting along outside the snug window. They are so close to blooming.

I had no idea how close as whilst I ate my lunch and glanced out of the window one of the flowers had opened. Wow that was quick. The first photo I had taken at 12.30 and the photo below at 13.40, just over an hour after. Nature really is incredible. During the next few hours they continued to open and reach out for the sunshine.

Just stunning.

By 14.20 eight of the iris had opened. I shall sit and enjoy them whilst in the snug this afternoon.

So if your feeling a little down, stressed or generally worn out, just remember, days are getting longer (last night it didn’t start getting dark until 5.16) the sun will shine again and we will get through this together.