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There is two Butts…….

The vegetable patch project in the garden continued this weekend and I’m so happy as I’m nearly ready to plant in the new patch.

By the side of the greenhouse I used to have a water butt, but over the years it developed a slight tilt and I often ran out of water.

So I decided it was time to upgrade to two butts. One of which will in time have an irrigation system fitted to water the new patch.

However a Laurel root was in the way and this had to be levelled before the butt could be installed. This proved to be quite a task and finally after two weekends and some help the root was finally removed and the crater it left filled.

Next the slabs needed laying and they had to be level so that we wouldn’t have a tilt problem in the future. This took quite some time due to working in a small space.

Once the base was down and the area tidied we could move on the the exciting bit. The installation went relatively smoothly and fingers crossed when it rains the first butt should then fill the second once full.

This part of the garden is secured by fencing because mummies little helper does like to explore and try to catch the cats on the greenhouse roof, but due to the second butt it now needs to be more excess-able. With my new found woodwork skills I managed to transform the little fence into a gate so the water tap can be easily accessed.

A great result for the patch which I couldn’t have done without the advice and help from my friends. X x

Two butts.
The new gate.

The cold frame also benefited from an upgrade this weekend to add more light. I happened to have some small squares of Perspex so with a little woodwork I redesigned the frame. It now has an extra two windows in the front. All we need now is some warmer weather 😎

And sow it begins……..

Do not worry. I haven’t stopped or slowed down in fact I’ve been the opposite.

You may remember a while back Bubble Bev and I relaid some of the slabs in the greenhouse and grouted the gaps. This is all in preparation for this seasons growing. However one of my staging was in poor shape. I purchased some new however the quality was no where near what I’d had before. So with my new found wood work skills I took on the challenge of building a new framework recycling the previous shelf’s. Two of the sections of wood I needed were slightly to short and not wanting to go and purchase new wood I managed to fix them together. I’m surprised at myself as this has worked very well and is nice and strong.

Now I needed to make round holes in the wood to hold the metal supports and it just so happened that in the workshop was dads table top drill. It looked easy to use and with a little guidance I soon got going and all the holes were drilled. Loving woodwork.

On to constructing the frame which went well once I’d bought the right screws.

Fittings suitable as feet to just raise the wood from the floor.

The wood was painted to protect it from water and voila. A new stage was set.

The weekend saw Bubble Bev and I complete laying the slabs by the new veg beds. Girl power we are getting good at this stuff.

The design was planned with cardboard cutouts to visualise the space.
Mummies little helper.
Between the beds.

The next phase is to remove the Laurel root and lay a flat base to install a second water butt and irrigation system that will supply the veg patch during the hot weather.

We removed the original water butt as over the years it had sunk a little on one side and needed levelling out. This was like a school science challenge using a water pump, two hoses and a piece of guttering.

After a few hours of digging and sawing we had to admit defeat (partly also due to the blade coming out of the electric saw and not knowing how to fix it straight away, I now have the instruction manual 😉)

There is always another day and the next weekend will see that day.

It is now March and I’ve been so excited to start sowing this years seeds and trust me there is a lot. I aim to grow lots more veg and flowers this year.

On my new potting bench made last year, 5 varieties of tomatoes have been started along with scabious, sunflowers, lobelia, Rudbeckia amongst others. The greenhouse is coming to life, spring has begun.

It just goes to show that despite a year of uncertainty and the world fighting this awful pandemic we can start again. Just like the flowers in the garden and the buds on the trees. Together we get though this and I am so fortunate to have received my first Covid vaccination last week. It wasn’t without side effects but it’s a small price to pay for freedom.