There is two Butts…….

The vegetable patch project in the garden continued this weekend and I’m so happy as I’m nearly ready to plant in the new patch.

By the side of the greenhouse I used to have a water butt, but over the years it developed a slight tilt and I often ran out of water.

So I decided it was time to upgrade to two butts. One of which will in time have an irrigation system fitted to water the new patch.

However a Laurel root was in the way and this had to be levelled before the butt could be installed. This proved to be quite a task and finally after two weekends and some help the root was finally removed and the crater it left filled.

Next the slabs needed laying and they had to be level so that we wouldn’t have a tilt problem in the future. This took quite some time due to working in a small space.

Once the base was down and the area tidied we could move on the the exciting bit. The installation went relatively smoothly and fingers crossed when it rains the first butt should then fill the second once full.

This part of the garden is secured by fencing because mummies little helper does like to explore and try to catch the cats on the greenhouse roof, but due to the second butt it now needs to be more excess-able. With my new found woodwork skills I managed to transform the little fence into a gate so the water tap can be easily accessed.

A great result for the patch which I couldn’t have done without the advice and help from my friends. X x

Two butts.
The new gate.

The cold frame also benefited from an upgrade this weekend to add more light. I happened to have some small squares of Perspex so with a little woodwork I redesigned the frame. It now has an extra two windows in the front. All we need now is some warmer weather 😎

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