Dads final trip to Malvern

In April 2016 dad, Ben and I took a trip to Malvern for a short break. Dad was born in Worcester on April 25th 1946 and spent his younger years with brother Colin, sister Pauline exploring and playing on the Malvern hills. They would travel there by train from Worcester to Malvern. He would have been around ten years old, Colin five and Pauline 15 years old.

Whilst on this trip dad wanted to walk up to the Worcester beacon (425 meters at the summit) and share stories of watching the steam trains on the railway lines below with Ben and I as well as show us the amazing views. Apparently there used to be a cafe at the summit here.

Whilst we were admiring the views dad told us that when his time was up we were to scatter his ashes on the Worcester beacon. Strict instructions were given that we had to walk all the way up and that we couldn’t use my idea of a remote controlled aeroplane with a drop hatch and let him go that way. He found that very funny.

So almost a year after he passed away (May 4th 2020) and with travel restrictions lifted we were able to meet Colin and Barb in the North Quarry car park for dads final ascent to the summit.

With dad safely secured in Colin’s back pack, Colin, Barb, Bev, Ben, Suzy and myself headed up. A very steep path up. This was not the path we had taken back in 2016, I bet dad was having a good chuckle watching us huff and puff.

Resting after the steepest part of the climb.

Our idea was to first revisit the beacon for dads last ever trip then find a suitable resting place.

Dad is in Colin’s back pack resting on the plinth
A tad windy Suzy??

The weather couldn’t have been better for us today. Bright blue skies, sun shining and wind on the Worcester side of the hills just were we wanted to place dad. (On one side of the hills is Herefordshire and the other Worcestershire, with dad being born in Worcester we felt it right he should on that side)

We walked down the hill a little and found a rocky outcrop with great views. This was to be the final test stop for dad. We scattered him on the ground and toasted his memory with mini cherry Bakewells (one of his favourite cakes) We admired the views and swapped stories and memories.

Our walk then took us to the Hereford side of the hills, out of the wind. The views all around today were spectacular.

We decided to take the longer, less steep path back to the car park which luck would have it took us through woods carpeted in Bluebells, dads favourite flowers.

After some more chatting at the van sitting in the sunshine we went our separate ways and started the short drive back to our home for the few days we were here.

However with tummies gurgling I took us on a small detour and we called in at the Butchers arms pub for an early dinner.

The garden had a variety of different pods to sit and eat and the menu had a great selection. It’s so nice to be able to sit in a pub garden again and see others out enjoying the sunshine and pub grub.

Goats cheese crepe with roast vegetables.

So here’s to you dad, your the best. Happy 75th birthday. Cheers to your next adventure x x

Royston William Eade 25th April 1946 – 4th May 2020

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