Time for an update

Hi, it’s been a while since I last updated you on our progress.

Since we last caught up I’ve been given the all clear and green light for training and rebuilding my strength from the consultant. Tuesday morning I went for my first swim in years and it was so invigorating.

The conservatory has been rebuilt. All through the winter we had to contend with leaks, plastic bags and towels on the floor. We couldn’t carry on like that so a friend of mine who works for Compass windows came up with the idea to replace the roof and fit a window in it. The difference is superb. It’s now warmer, dry and so much brighter.

The new roof light.

The garden has been evolving so quickly at the movement. A few months ago many seeds were started in the green house.

They have now been transferred to the recently built cold frame and some that have spent their time in the cold frame have been transferred into the garden this week.

Mummies little helper looking after the newly planted potatoes and salad veg.
The cold frame working beautifully.
A few tomato hanging baskets started.
Potatoes doing well.
Bags of large tomatoes under planted with marigolds and sunflowers.

So with plants leaving the greenhouse it’s been time to transplant the fruit inside. So on a very windy rainy day this week Suzy and I potted up some melons, cucumbers and tomatoes. The tomatoes have been under planted with marigolds in the hope to keep down the white fly.

Mummies little helper trying to grow big and strong.
Melons and tomatoes.

Every year I plant up the front wall and window box’s. However I struck a problem this week, as I was digging out the bulbs and preparing the soil I noticed the bricks that make the wall were moving and loosening. Dad and I had spoke for a few years about the wall needing replacing. Well this is the year, the wall will not survive the summer. So I have plans to get that rebuilt over the next month. I may still plant up the window box’s as the plants are eager to go in and out of their small pots.

The family was extended recently as some of you already know. We have a bird box with a camera in at the end of the garden and a few months ago a pair of bluetits investigated and decided to move in. Belinda laid 10 eggs and on the 25th April they hatched. Bert and Belinda (mum and dad) have been incredible attentive, wizzing in and out with grubs and worms for the babies. I have seen nine chicks, now all feathered and eyes open flapping their wings and preparing to fledge.

Bald, blind babies.
Bert and Belinda at dinner time.
Filling up the space.

So as you can see May has been incredible productive.

I’ve also been overwhelmed by some very kind words from some of my friends and readers of the blog. Rich and I started to write the blog to create a diary of our travels and adventures and it has evolved into my way of sharing my continued adventures and positivity during a world pandemic. Things such as “you inspire me in challenging times” “ your positivity is so motivational” “your blog is always so positive and gives me something lighthearted to read rather than the depressing world news”. So thank you very much for taking the time to read our stories and it helps me knowing that it makes you smile.

New life in the garden means we continue to beat this crappy virus and we will continue to a new normal. I love wondering around looking at what is sprouting and budding and bursting into life. Here are last nights photos for you. X

Loganberry blossom.
Strawberries are doing well.
Azalea coming into bloom.
The acer waking from its sleep.

My final piece of positive news I discovered yesterday. Last year our local hospital was overwhelmed with Covid patients. Most surgeries came to a halt as the theatres were filled with patients on ventilators. It was May that dad spent quite a few weeks there being cared for whilst his battled Covid. In a conversation with a nurse she told me that as from last Friday the hospital had been Covid patient free. I could have cried. I was so emotional at this news as was she. long May it continue. Onwards and upwards. X x ❤️


  • You mention Rich in many of your blogs, how do you cope without him. You always looked so happy with him.
    I lost the love of life last year and the pain at times is unbearable. I read your blogs and although I don’t know you I feel close to you. You always seem so positive and yet you have lost so much.
    I love the pics of Suzy and your DIY challenges.
    Your a strong lady

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    • Hi Annie. Thank you for your lovely words and I am so sorry for your loss. Strange as it is I think the lockdown actually helped as it meant I had to focus on things to do at home. Therefore meaning by not going out all that time or holidays with friends I’m not having to see there happiness. I’ve never been one for sitting still so by keeping busy doing things that I can see an end developing and growing on. That’s why gardening is one of the best forms of counselling. I did have over the phone counselling which didn’t really help me and I had CBT but that didn’t help me either. When Rich was getting worse I also had a breakdown which resulted in me taking anti depressants. It has helped me a lot and without them the anxiety would have taken over.
      I talk to both Rich and my dad when I’m doing things and I imagine their responses. Going away last week in our van on my own was hard, but made easier as I took our little dog and I think that helps you to make conversations with others.
      However I have yet to face the toughest challenges which is to continue the adventures that Rich and I started but on my own.
      Rich always smiled and turned every situation into a positive. It wasn’t about what we can’t do now but how can we change and do something differently to still enjoy life. This is my biggest advice I can ever pass on from him. It works x x


  • Thank you for replying, I haven’t been able to face letting go of my husband, he is still here with me. He loved life so very much he was taken far too soon and with very little time once we knew he had cancer. He fought it everyday until he was too weak. I struggle with being with others as I don’t want to be jealous of there happiness but I am.
    I am trying new hobbies and your pictures of plants and flowers are inspiring me to try a little gardening. Your pics are always so colourful and they make me smile.
    Your little dog looks so cute, she must be a great comfort. Maybe I need a little dog to give me a reason to go out and explore this amazing planet we live on. I know Ewen would have wanted me to carry on, he loved life.
    I miss my man so much, and talk to him everyday, I miss being loved, I miss hearing his voice, I just miss him.
    Take care and I look forward to seeing more beautiful pics of your flowers and plants.
    Thank you.

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    • I can relate to so much of what you have said.
      I never ever thought I would own a dog but she was Rich’s and she is so gorgeous. She has as you say kept me going out for walks and talking to people and I keep telling Rich what we have been up to. I chat away to her when she is in the garden with me to. Fortunately I have my son here with me and I occasionally get a huge hug from him ( he is 17 so you have to hug them whilst you can lol) but I do miss the cuddles and the chat.
      Do give gardening a go. It doesn’t have to be huge. Maybe just a small pot of radish ( they grow so quickly it means we can carry on) or little cherry tomatoes. You’ll find yourself out there with a cup of tea each day seeing if they are any taller 🤣
      Thank you as well for your kind words about my photos. It has inspired me to carry on x x


  • Your very kind, thank you for tonight. I don’t feel so alone.
    Take care

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