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Summer in the garden…….

As I write this now I have a refreshing glass of Pimms by my side, feet up on the garden furniture in the shade. It’s been a scorching day here but sooooo lovely. Now I can make the most of it as the Patio rearrangement is complete and the hot tub ready to go.

On Friday, Nick came over to help extend the patio further for me to create more room for the table and chairs when the hot tub is out. Past years it’s been extremely cramped on the patio.

An additional one and a half rows went down and it’s made such a difference.

The completed patio extension.

Saturday I met up with friends Matt and Martin and we travelled over to Essex to continue our geocache tour. Last weekend was Margate. Margate sadly was not how it used to be but nevertheless we had a good day. This week we drove through Southend on sea and again this is not as I remember. It has actually had some money spent on it and improved the area.

The day was topped of by a visit to Leigh on sea and scampi and chips.

Today was due to be so hot, as is the rest of the week so the hot tub had to come out.

Patio swept, furniture rearranged, protective matts down and tub inflated. I’d love a proper hot tub one day but for now this one fits my garden well and is surprisingly good for an inflatable

Mummies little helper pops out to see what is happening then retreats back to the coolness of Ben’s bedroom.

After enjoying an alfresco lunch and dip in the tub it was time to relax on the lounger and read a book. I usually use my kindle but I had a real, paper book to read and I’ve really enjoyed it. You can’t beat turning the pages.

The last job of the day is now the watering. The bottom end of the garden has had its irrigation system reinstalled but all the baskets have been baked today so needed a good drink. It’s so pleasant strolling around the garden as the sun gets lower.

I hope you’ve all made time to enjoy this gorgeous weather we are having and I shall leave you with some photos of the gardens progression since last month. X

This rose arch is covered in pink buds waiting to burst open.
This clematis makes me so happy. It’s stunning.
The grasses by the pond have matured nicely.
This arch is covered in Strawberry hill roses chosen by Rich for the fragrance.
This Peony is flowering the best it ever has.

The trellis you see here in the middle of the veg bed and five others were made by my neighbour and myself to support our large tomato plants this year. Last year the branches would snap under the weight of the fruit.

The greenhouse maturing well with Melons, Cucumbers and tomato’s.
The salad lettuce loves this spot in a pot by the pond.
Tomato plants lined up where they will get the most sunshine.
This year the fruit cage is bursting with raspberries, strawberries and cherry tomatoes.
Must be nearly time for Wimbledon. The strawberries are turning red.