Grab a cuppa, it’s time to catch up……..

Yes, I know it’s been a while. Sorry about that. It’s been rather busy here. What with a trip or two away, geocaching adventures, gardening, some DIY renovation projects and a new little job.

Back in June Sam, Mark, Martin and I went on a trip to Windsor and Eton for the weekend to celebrate Sam’s birthday. No trip away would be complete without geocaching but this was slightly different as rather than searching for lots of containers hidden in random places, we had a printed out picture sheet with just a little piece of a part of a building or statue. It felt like we were back at school on a trip.

It was a great way to view the area as it made you look up, down and all around to try and spot the pictures. This combined with an adventure lab or two took up two full days and many miles, along with a tea and cake stop or two. Windsor was such a beautiful place to explore.

Windsor castle.
The queen and her corgis.
Pimms cake anyone?
The meeting chairs for the Magna Carter.

We also had a flying visit to Exmouth for a last minute break. We enjoyed a luxurious house so near to the sea and the town. It was great to explore little quirky villages and paddle in the sea. There may have been a cream tea involved.

Weekends have been filled with exploring various towns around the east coast as part of a new geotrail.

We have explored Margate, Leigh in Sea, Walton on the Naze, Harwich and Rochester amongst others little places. Each day has been glorious sunshine and topped of with great company and food. It’s so nice to be able to support local businesses again and eat out.

The front flower wall has had to be replaced as it had started to fall apart this year and was no longer safe. A neighbour fully rebuilt it for us and we are so happy with the completed wall. The new bed will be planted with Lavender when the weather is a little cooler.

Rather strange without the wall.

An old stool has been renovated to become my table for when I’m in the hot tub. It was a stool but last year the seat part broke. I found a cheese board in the shed (dont ask lol) and after treating it all fixed it to the legs of the stool.

The stair carpet was worn and faded so we have had that replaced. It makes such a difference to be in a lighter colour and makes the area look so much bigger. The only thing is the walls now need repainting to match better. Paint is purchased but this will be done in a few weeks time.

The garden has become a haven for wildlife over the last few weeks and a mass of colour. All of the hard work has been totally worth it and it is such a pleasure to sit (in between the rain) to enjoy it. There has been so many varieties of bees and butterflies.

After a few years of having a strange cylinder hanging in a tree at the bottom of the garden I am pleased to report that the leaf cutter bees have moved in. I’d noticed one of my roses had circular parts of the leaves missing and this is a sign that the leaf cutter bee is near by.

Evidence of leaf cutter bees.

Then when I checked I couldn’t help but smile at the bee working hard at filling the tube then sealing the end to protect its eggs. Nature is wonderful.

It’s impossible for me to tell you my favourite flower in the garden this year as there are so many, however I am so pleased with the Dahlias. The colours, shapes and sizes are vast and I have only from a small selection. Although I think it could quite easily become my new addiction.

Dahlia creme de casis
Dahlia Tirza.
Dahlia Cornell.

By now you are probably coming to the end or your cup of tea so I shall leave you with more bursts of colour from around the garden. Have a fabulous day x. X

This years one and only cherry.
The sunflowers are still growing.
Rich’s lilies.
The first of the greenhouse melons.
A very large greenhouse plum tomato.
The Agapanthus finally in flower after a few years of dormancy.
The Mallow in its full bloom.


  • Hello,
    I often check to see if you have updated your blog and was delighted to see you have to today.
    How is your little doggie, no pics of her this time is she ok?

    Liked by 1 person

  • Great ,
    Glad to hear she is good.
    You mention Geo Caching often. Do you have to be trained to do it or join a club ?


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