Guernsey, part three……

Thursday morning, we collected Terry and drove off nice and early so that Nick and Martin could do a special cache before our event in town today.

This was a tunnel cache that I had done a few years ago with Ben so I just waited it out whilst watching the sea.

Next stop was back into town for the Guernsey air show. My dad often visited Guernsey whilst the air show was on so it was nice to see it for myself today. It was a cloudy start but that soon lifted and we had great views from the end of the terminal.

Eagerly awaiting the start of the show.

The Spitfire, biplane, chinook we’re amongst the line up but one of our favourites had the be the Typhoon with its loud roar as it shot past.

The best was saved till last when the red arrows came roaring in formation over the island and out across the sea. Impeccable line up as always and they really did put on a good show.

You may remember that a few days ago we celebrated finding my 9000th cache. Well today it was Nicks turn to celebrate a milestone. I’d suggested the cache called The Lost World. Not for the faint hearted as it involves a descent of just under 300 steps down to the most beautiful bay at Petit port.

Looking energised before the descent.

As you can see by the picture it’s idyllic and only a few other people around.

Nick and Martin went off in search for the cache whilst I enjoyed the sunshine and another paddle in this glorious sea.

Off into the cave they go.
At one point Terry wanted to go in and give them a hand, I was not keen on the idea and when I mentioned this Terry’s reply was “ I’m only 83!” I couldn’t watch.

Eventually Nick and Martin returned with huge smiles after signing the cache. Well done Nick also for completing your 4000th cache in such a stunning, challenging location. Time for one last paddle before heading back up the steps. Did I mention there is just shy of 300 steps??

It really is up that way.

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