A little time away.

I haven’t written here for a few weeks. Two reasons really, one I was away with friends and two I could’t bring myself to write about the wedding I went to.

Let me explain: Last year our good friends, Sam and Mark got engaged. Rich and I were so pleased for them both. The planning began. We both had parts to play in the wedding and a few of us were going to holiday together that week as well. But then as we know we lost Rich in April, then Covid happened along with lock down. Nobody knew if the wedding would be able to go ahead, especially as it was in Scotland.

Two weeks before the big day, Sam and Mark were given the go ahead. All systems go. Camping was all arranged, a few surprises for the happy couple, flowers arranged and most importantly how Sams beautiful dress going to get there.

It was all going so well. I enjoyed a week near the Peak District with Ben, Suzy, Martin and Nick. The cottage we hired was a little delight. The sun shone and as you may have read we explored some of the local towns and coffee shops.

On the Saturday, cars reloaded and we started our onward trip north to meet Sam, Mark and Ryan at the campsite in Carlisle.

About half an hour though from the campsite my emotions got the better of me. Tears would not stop. This part of the adventure I should have been doing with Rich. How could I still do it without him? The next few days were tough. But we managed to have a nice time. We had some lovely meals out, some of us had our nails done for the wedding and then the evening before the wedding we collected an afternoon tea and the wedding cake.

The afternoon tea was scrumptious. Sandwiches of different fillings and lots of little cakes, scones with clotted cream and jam.

Wedding day. The sun was shining, everyone knew what they had to do and when. The ceremony was to be held at Gretna Green hotel. A beautiful setting with stunning gardens. Rich could still be part of the ceremony as we were allowed to have his photograph at each point with us. Even a place setting was reserved for him at the dinner table. However this didn’t make it easier and it was the support of my friends that got me through.

Sam looked stunningly gorgeous and Mark was the dashing groom. We all scrub up quite nicely it has to be said. Rich and I were so happy to be a part of their special day and I really hope the Rich was smiling down throughout.

The brides Bouquet.
My bouquet.
Bens cocktail complete with bubbles and smoke.

It was great to be away and camping in Miss Lexy, and I can’t thank my friends enough for the support and encouragement they gave me. Without them I don’t know what I’d do. ❤️

Carlisle cathedral.
Suzy at Hadrians wall.
Hadrians wall.

Back home and after everything was unpacked I began my next mini project which was to dismantle a shelf from the car port and alter it to make a shelf in the potting shed. I think I turned the air blue because boy, dad made this to last. Trying to get it apart nearly broke me. But I won in the end and after many hours a new shelf was in place.

The tress and shrubs also needed cutting back as it’s that time of year again. Jono kindly offered to help me with this. It took a few hours and fortunately we had just finished before the rain came. The garden looks so much tidier already.

A little goldfinch nest in amongst the orange blossom.
Much tidier.
The front hedges.

Bank holiday weekend was now upon us. Ben was off out with his dad so Martin, Nick and I got together to chat about our holiday over dinner. But this was no ordinary dinner. It was decided that we would cook a course each. Whilst we were away we got to try some new foods or shared platters. So the theme was continued.

Nick made a very nice starter of home made fish cakes. The idea was from one of his favourite Scottish chefs. Then I made the main course which was marinated Goat chops, salad from the garden and some Italian breads. Martin baked a delicious Bakewell tart to remind us of our trip to Bakewell. The afternoon flew by as we chatted and played some games. Of and seconds of desert. It went so well we have decided we should do it more often.

Flowers from the garden.

Well tomorrow is bank holiday Monday. I have a little project in mind. Fingers crossed the weather will be on my side x x