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Waterfall day…….

Today’s the day. Waterfall will it won’t it??

A bit more Bob the building and it was time for the grand switch on.

The grand switch on.

There we go. Not 100% Success as a little came under the rock, however the water isn’t escaping out of the waterfall so that will have to do. This has been a very testing project. We have learnt a lot and although it looks small it’s been heavy work as the rocks around it are extremely heavy. I shall keep my eye on it in the next few days. All that remained was to place the remainder of the rocks along the time to make it look natural.

The finished waterfall.

Brilliant time to move on to something else. The thing with gardening is there is always something to do. As it was still quite cool I planted up some more in the greenhouse. We now have cucumbers, melons and aubergines growing with just the cucamelons to plant in once they have established stronger roots. All the other plants will stay out tonight ready to be moved into the borders and pots. Fortunately I had a spare pot as I forgot id started off some runner beans and so they have a new home next to the sunflowers.

This afternoon saw the delivery of the new pond plants. Two different water iris. Now many of you know that lately we have had an issue with the heron. Because of this i had reworked the netting to cover all possible gaps. But now the new plants would need to go throw the netting as they will be tall. Not wanting to damage the excising netting I rolled it back and placed some summer netting that I could cut a few some holes in for the plants to break through. Then on the winter I can remove it and cover back with the original netting.

The netting from the wildflower meadow was removed tonight also. Currently it looks like long grass with a few others plants coming up but I shall work on this later in the week.

After dinner Ben and I took Suzy on a walk to the country park. I expected lots of people to be out but it was really quiet. Suzy had a good run and she loves to run and jump through the long grasses.

Front garden project

Good morning. Apologies for the late blog but it seems I fell asleep early last night and back to sleep this morning.

Tuesday morning Suzy and I were up early so we got out the front before it became to warm and checked our preparation. Yep the wall was dug over and window boxes filled with soil ready for planting, a blank canvas.

The geraniums survived the winter so of course I’ve kept them. Just tidied them and moved them together a little more. We used to fill the wall with geraniums and trailing geraniums but it costs quite a lot and we wanted to keep on encouraging more bees. Also this year as it turned out all these plants wouldn’t be readily available from the garden centres. So my planning started back in March. I regularly receive a gardening magazine and they often have seeds or special offers on plug plants. Ok plug plants arrive and they are tiny and you have to pot them on but that has proved a welcome distraction in the last few months. They arrive the size of my thumb and about 36 plants to a pack and most I managed to get for about £5 for 36 plants.

For the front wall this year I decided it would be a lot more relaxed with different heights and textures. The window boxes at the top used to be filled with trailing plants but I’ve gone for Scabious plants, some from plugs and some from seeds at the back. These will give height and be a big attraction for bees and butterflies. At the front I’ve planted some geranium and Petunias again grown from plug plants.

Along the bottom in the wall I’ve got the beautiful Pink geraniums but added in sweet peas to climb the railings (all grown in toilet rolls tubes to encourage long roots) and Rudbeckias. I love Rudbeckias with their sunflower like orange flowers.

It was very enjoyable planting out the front as so many people at the moment will say good morning as they pass doing their morning excersie.

After a good watering in the wall is complete. Fingers crossed it will come into life soon and not surcombe to snails. Time to pop out take Suzy for a walk then head to the vets to collect her treatments.

During the afternoon I popped a few more sweet peas in the border and admired the greenhouse which is now far emptier than the last few weeks. One morning I must get in there early to plant in the grow bags.

The weather is also perfect today to sit under the umbrella and while away a few hours sewing.

These alliums are bigger than my hand.
The orange blossom is looking stunning.

Well for today I must motivate myself to get out of bed and todays task come hell or high water will be to get the waterfall complete. Wish me luck. X

Waterfall day gerzilenth……

The day started really nicely. I woke to a well made cup of tea that Ben made me, it was 5.30am but I was awake and it made me smile. At 7.30 we were both dressed and ready to take Suzy out before it got too warm. We had a lovely walk, not many people around and one very happy puppy dancing through the long grass. We had quite a few giggles.

Ben makes me feel so short and I’m really not. 😂
Wild roses in the country park.

We got back to a cuppa and breakfast on the patio. It’s a glorious sunny day.

Now to the waterfall. Has the concrete set, has it worked? Well the good news is that the original leak had been fixed. The bad news is that the water runs below the rock. The concrete hasn’t sealed it. Deep breath count to ten.

This isn’t meant to be happening

Of course, mummy’s little helper is alway on hand.

Almost but not quite.

So what to do next. Guess it’s down to Homebase to get some weatherproof sealant. We didn’t have to queue for very long and got what we thought would work. Straight back to get it applied and fingers crossed it drys and does the job. If not, well I have a plan K!

For the remainder of the afternoon I pottered, planted up some more veg seeds. I’m staggering them so they don’t all come at once. Whilst planting, I left the fruit cage door open as I intended to go back in to water the beetroot. As I turned round I saw this little furry face chomping away in something that she was clearly enjoying very much. Boy did I tell her off. Have you guessed what she was chomping? Our delicious strawberries. Such a cheeky dog.

Bev delivered a lovely gift today. She had organised for these to be hand made so that I could hang them in the garden. I hope you agree they are really nice and are now hanging in the tree near the water feature. Thank you Bev x

The rest of the evening was spent with Ben and I enjoying a roast dinner on the patio and sending out messages to many people on dads phone to inform them he is no longer with us. Some of the reply’s back really being a tear to your eye and laughter from the whitty memories they have shared about dad. I find this is quite exhausting so I ventured back to the garden to plant out some of the Cosmos and to spend a little time unwinding whilst watering the plants. But finally I rest to write this blog before I head for bed. Night all x

Garden project continued.

An exciting day lay ahead. It was time to start planting up the new border today. It has seemed like such a long time ago Rich and I discussed our garden plans but as promised I am carrying them out.

Starting to position the plants.

The majority of the plants have been grown from seeds and plug plants with a small number being taken from cuttings of last years plants. I think for my first major growing mission it’s been a huge success. The greenhouse has been filled to its maximum and I’ve used so many various sizes of pots. The end result dosn’t look much at the moment but hopefully in a few weeks the plants will have settled into their new position and continue to grow and bloom. As long as the pesky slugs and snails don’t eat it all!

Impressive root system on these grown from seeds.

As well as all these plants in went 70 bulbs in this area. Fingers crossed they do well.

Believe it or not though there is still more to go. I have some cosmos flowers to plant and a few seeds and a couple of ornamental millet grasses are on there way.

Cosmos currently in the greenhouse.

The front garden wall was also prepared this morning but more to come on that in the next few days.

So plants in it was time to check the dreaded water fall.

I gingerly lifted its weather protecting cover to reveal what seems like good firm concrete. Hooray. It needs some tidying but it should be good for the grand switch on tomorrow.

So for the final job of the day, move the veg bags to make room for the new sunflower family. I’m hoping when they grow tall they will look stunning against the newly painted fence. I’ve also started to companion plant them to make the most of the space and the soil. Two bags have the variety Shirley tomato in them the others will soon have spinach, beetroot and radish in them.

The new home for carrots, radish and spring onion.

The thing about growing your own veg, herbs and fruit is that it tastes so much fresher and full of flavour. Tonight’s dinner was full of fresh flavours as I used our own lettuce, radish, basil, parsley and chives. Soon I hope to be able to harvest our own cucumber, carrots and cherry tomatoes.

The raspberries are coming along nicely.

So there we have it. Another productive day in the garden. Some beautiful flowers and plants enjoying the sunshine as well as mummy’s little helper x

Mummy’s little helper.
The fox glove, self seeded on the garden has very fine hairs just inside.
Some very happy busy bees in the garden.
Do we have our own crop hearts?
The greenhouse now has empty shelves. But not for long……

Sunflower special edition, update 2…..

Good evening and welcome to Sunday sunflower update part 2. Last week we were introduced to the sunflower family. All the sunflowers have had a busy week. Some have moved home and most have had to withstand strong winds.

Craig and Sam’s week – you may remember that Sam and Craig live by the sea. They have had strong winds this week and baking sun. The sunflowers are looking good despite this and they have moved from the cosy house to the breezy hot garden. There was a bit of a close shave when the plants started to bow their heads but after a quick drink they were standing to attention once again.

Craig and Sam’s sunflowers.

Jan and Lisa – So after a false start from Jan’s first sunflower she is back in the competition with version deux. Being tenderly cared for will it now creep up the support to top flower? Lisa’s is looking like a tough cookie and holding on to that strong stem and dark leaves. Both of their sunflowers are being taken back in at night and in when it’s windy.

Jan’s steadily growing seed.
Wow, looking good there Lisa.

Auntie Jeanie – Sally sunflower had to shelter from the wind in the greenhouse this week as she is feeling a little delicate. She is showing some signs of slight leaf discolouration, has she had to much sun??

Sally sunflower.

Nanny Bev – Has Gerald been behaving himself this week? Well he has had his supporting plants removed from his pot, is this a plan to ensure he gets all the nutrients in the soil?

Gerald looking like he is enjoying the sunshine.

Jo and Ben – Down in Dartford this week we have had some high winds which has meant that SUNY sunflower has been kept in the shed on occasion. But today he is out, free and moved on to be with his fan club. Introducing the sunny eight, the new kids on the block. Let loose from the greenhouse today to be with the big one. How will he get on in his new location and how will he cope with sharing? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

New kids on the block.

Waterfall day part? How many days have we been working on this?

Another day, another amount of time spent perfecting the waterfall. Today the plan is to seal in the top part of the liner, concrete in the stone for the water to pour over and get most rocks back surrounding it in position.

Did it go to plan? Well I guess Sunday or Monday we will find out when the concrete is dry and we can turn the water back on. For now it looks like this.

No rain predicted today but it rained anyway.

Thank you to Bev, Dean and Ian for your advice, help and support with this. I’m certainly learning lots of new skills at the moment.

Bev and I needed a few bits so we tidied up and headed over to different garden centre. There was a small queue but it moved quickly. We were given very friendly advice on distancing and the likes before being let in. I have to say even though they were low on stock it was very well organised.

Bev and I went out separate ways and I returned to the garden to start some of the exciting bits. Planting my new plants that I have been nurturing from seed or plug plants. I tackled the pots first. Some needed swapping around and some needed new soil. But despite the rain they are a bit closer to being completed now today.

Upright begonias.
Red dianthus.
Dahlia in bud.

I also managed to plant a few plants in the new border. Echinacea’s and a Geum with it’s hot striking red flowers.

Whilst pottering, I had a text to say my Perscription is ready at Bluewater. I thought it was a good time to stop gardening as otherwise I’d be out there all night. I jumped in the car and headed for the car park. Now Bluewater on a Saturday afternoon is generally heaving but currently there are only three shops open, Boots, Holland and Barrett as far Marks and Spencer’s for food. The mall was like a scene out of a movie. You know when there is that deadly silence and the streets are empty.

One way directional signage.
Never have I seen it like this before.

There were some security staff positioned inside reminding customers to walk on the left and follow the arrows. I guess they are preparing for when they can open more. Even still, it’s very odd!

With everything purchased that I needed it was time to head home. It’s an odd weather day as the sun is shining but the wind is being a little tough. Tonight Ben and I had decided it was pizza night. So with our shop bought pizza and film on netflicks we settled down. It’s usually me who falls asleep during a film at home but surprisingly it was the other way round tonight.

Tomorrow will be week two of the sunflower diaries as an added blog bonus. But for now. Night night.

The first of the orange blossom.

Retail therapy, the garden centre kind……

So a planned rest today. I took Suzy on an early walk ready to meet Bev at the garden centre before it got busy. We both had a list of things we needed. Not much but it was so nice to get out and have a look round again.

We only had to wait a short time in the queue and we were in and off. What to look at first. All the bright colours and shapes. So pretty. Bev wanted a bamboo but they didn’t have the one she was looking for. So in to the seeds. I’d planted spring onions but the darn foxes dig them all up this week and kindly left the soil all over the path for me. Also my mixed colour beetroots aren’t showing much sign of life so I wanted to get some good old fashioned red ones. The third choice was some long radish. Radish are so quick and easy to grow and our first crop are delicious so it’s time to grow a new variety to me. The beauty of radish is they are so easy and you can companion plant them with other crops. Some of mine are in with my cherry tomato hanging baskets.

Bev then treated me to a decent pair of secateurs for my birthday next month. I did a trial prune tonight and they work a treat. Thank you Bev x

We happened to stray upon the water features and Bev chose herself a new one for her garden. She spent later in the afternoon rearranging her plants and pots and I think you’ll agree she has done a great job.

Almost complete.

After a bit more wandering and picking the pots we had come for we headed to the tills. We must resist and put our blinkers on as we past anything else.

Once home and refuelled after lunch I did a little repotting in the garden. The lavender Bev bought me last week was a bit too snug in the pot I put it in. So it now has a nice new one to match the Maple pot.

A bit more tidying of the garden and another go at arranging the rocks on the waterfall. The waterfall is definitely a pain job but we are nearly there. I think the beginning of the rock layout is looking so much better.

That’s all I have energy for today as I also managed a few hours of paperwork and that’s so draining. But it is relaxing to have a trip around the garden and explore what is springing into life. The first Iris in the pond today opened up and looks dazzling. Have a good evening. X

The first crop of home grown strawberries.
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