Join us as we have our travels in Miss Lexy……

29th September: We join the Eurotunnel heading towards the middle of France for the Chateau de Lalande, our first night we are staying at Camping Chartres or “The edges of the Eure”.

30th September: We will be staying at the Chateau de Lalande with Stephanie Jarvis, Stephanie is the owner of the Chateau which can be seen on Escape to the Chateau DIY.
1st October: we decided to break the journey up due to the poor weather and stayed in Toulouse at a camp site called Camping Toulouse Le Rupe.
2nd – 3rd October: We are off to Perpignan and plan to stay at Le Floride & L’Embouchure.
3rd – 7th October: We head off to Barcelona where we will be staying at a campsite called Camping 3 Estrellas.
7th – 12th October: We plan to head South to a camp site called Camping Playa Montroig Resort.
12th October: We head up to Andorra which is a country in it’s own right and we can get a couple of caches there and stay overnight at a camp site called Camping Valira.
13th – 14th October: We plan to head to Lourdes from Andorra and stay here a couple of nights and stay at a camp site called La Floret Lourdes.
14th – 15th October: We plan to head northerly to Bordeaux and stay at the camp site called